Tech Barbarians is excited to announce that Thursday we’ll be joined by Vince Caso who plays Bladezz on the hit series “The Guild“. He will be joining us on Thursday October 14, 2010 at 7:30pm PST / 10:30pm EST.

Come join us for the interview and hang out in the chat room with us as we pick Vince’s brain on what it’s like being in a movie as well as a hit series such as “The Guild”.

Show Run Down:

Who? = Vince Caso(Bladezz from The Guild show)

When? Thurday October 14th, 2010 7:30pm PST/ 10:30pm EST

Why? = Because he’s awesome thats why! duh..

Contest? = Heck yeah! Don’t we always do contests? Well,most of the time! In the case of Vince, he has agreed to sign some things and ship them to us to give away as we see fit! So come join us and possibly win something! Our sponsor CED Solutions will also be giving away a $25 gift certificate to Best Buy.

People looking to have a question asked to Vince on the show should write Chris AT (email abbreviated to help with spam)

Vince in “Do You Want To Date My Avatar” promo video:

More about Vince:

Vincent “Vince” Caso

Born December 24, 1991 in Weymouth, Massachusetts

Vince’s first professional acting experience was in the feature film “Humble Pie“, which was originally named “American Fork”. Vince played “Kendiswho is the friend of the main character of the movie. Billy Baldwin, Kathleen Quinlan were also a couple of the notable people featured in this film.

These days Vince is best known for his role as “Bladezz”, starring along side Felicia Day(Known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, June and more). Bladezz’s real name on the show is Simon and the class he plays on the mmo game that the show is based around is a Rogue. The Bladezz persona is built around the typical teenage high school metal head boy that hangs in his room/basement all day playing video games. He’s mostly known for his quick wit, sarcasm, and sexual comments aimed at the female’s throughout the series.

In reality, Vince plays this role very very well… almost to well? Writers pause.. What’s up with that Vince? You like that IRL? or just a really really good actor… We’ll have to find out on Tech Barbarians Thursday! >: )

Chris’s thoughts on Vince..

Okay so you fans of Tech Barbarians probably know by now that although  Mark is the funny one.. I like to be the one who analyzes the people we invite for the show and give my two cents on them as a person. I know, I know, who cares what I think right? Well.. I’d like to imagine you readers out there get to know a little more about these people as I talk to them and about them..

So my preshow take on Vince is as follows. Although to be so young, Vince shows alot of personality in the way he carries himself. To me, he comes off as someone that definitely enjoys to play the role of the wild guy on the screen.. but just like his character in the movie “Humble Pie”, Vince seems much deeper than he lets people realize he is. In chatting back and forth with Vince I’d like to point out that he has been extremely polite during this whole process and really friendly as well as willing to take the time to respond to me on everything I’ve sent him.

In producing the Tech Jives network shows and lining up guests to join up on the shows I’ve gotten the honor of talking to and working with some pretty well known people  in the geek community and although Vince is far from your geek type personality, I can say he holds himself very modestly to be as well known to us gamer/tech nerds around the world.

The one thing I love about what I see of Vince’s personality is that he seems way more wise than his age lets on. This might be from just some vast experience of living in the L.A showbiz fast lane, or it could be the good up bringing of a family that sees the importance of raising your children the right way. There’s one thing I’d almost stake my life on.. he’s probably the last young actor I can think of on the planet that you’ll find dead in some hotel bathroom from drug overdose. Also the last one that I could ever imagine hearing about on the news that has physically abused his girlfriend/wife etc..

This could just be me completely and utterly off base, but I get the impression of someone that is good at playing along with the younger more sex hungry teenage persona just like his character on “The Guild”, but in the real world is probably a little more self concious and unnerved at these thoughts and mindsets of a male teen sex hungry metal head. Instead, I’d imagine he enjoys hanging with his older cast members, granted I’m sure they’re all a bunch of fun cut ups as well, but most likely they match closer to his maturity level.

And in finishing I’d like to say it’ll be fun watching Vince mature even more and grow as an actor and take some major roles in Hollywood. I could be totally wrong about him, but in letting his personality show more and more and not being afraid to show off some emotions, Vince the actor and Vince the person are gonna go far.. How far you ask? As far as his go getter attitude lets him go. My belief has always been that although you can’t control all of your reality, you can control a part of it. That small part can be the difference of sitting on your butt eating potato chips all day, or being a major Hollywood player, billionaire, or president/CEO of a fortune 500 business. If Vince keeps working hard at it as he already is, the sky is the limit, and I think he gets that.. he’s young, but amazingly enough, I really think he gets it!

-Chris Pope, producer writer and co-host of the Tech Jives Network