Jeff Lewis, from the “Jeff Lewis 5 minute comedy hour” and Vork from  “The Guild“(amongst many other projects) joined us to talk about the wrapping of season one of his show!


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About The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour

The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour is an online sketch comedy show. Each episode consists of one single sketch. All episodes are self-contained. These sketches were written by Jeff Lewis during his time with the ACME theater company. The show is directed by Sean Becker (The Guild, Awkward Pictures) and features guest appearances by Felicia Day, Vince Caso, Tara Caso, Brett Sheridan, Jamie Kaler, Kyle Bornheimer, Tom Konkle, Kim Evey and more. 

Directed by Sean Becker
Produced by Jeff Lewis and Sean Becker
Co-Producer Kim Evey
Line Producer T.J. Rotell
Director of Photography Chris Darnell
Production Designer Denise Pantoja
Editors Matthew Smith and Sean Becker
Music by Kevin MacLeod