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About Megan

Born just a few minutes from San Francisco, Megan Lee Joy was raised as a well rounded and artsy gal by her architect/artist father and teacher/speech pathologist mother.

From a young age she knew she wanted to be an actor. She began following these aspirations quite early by putting on plays for her parents and friends, often playing several roles, as no one else could keep up with her voracious appetite for performance.  She would choreograph dances for her younger brother and friends as well as provide makeup and styling services for each of her events! She wanted to do it all. Not only did she love every minute of the process, she also made everyone around her brighten up and have fun as well!

While theatre and on camera work ruled her heart, she devoted her body to movement, enrolling in multiple dance classes over the years as well as playing club soccer year round. By the age of 8 she was busy auditioning for musicals and plays. Her first role ever was the Door Mouse in Alice and Wonderland at the age of 8. Very fitting, as she LOVES sleep : )

When she arrived at junior high she immersed herself in choir, orchestra and drama, trying to extract every bit of art out of her small town.

By high school she had developed a full on love affair with theatre and begun to take on serious dramatic roles that explored peer pressure, domestic violence and sexuality.

Continuing her pursuit of acting she moved to Oregon to study theatre at the University of Oregon. She submerged herself in acting, voice, movement and speech, further honing those early dreams into marketable skills. Soon after her studies begin at University of Oregon’s Theatre Department, she landed a lead role in a 2 person show titled Seascape with Shark and Dancer. Soon after that, she was cast in her first Main Stage Play at the University as “Jenny Diver,” the lead in Three Penny Opera.
Since the industry is small in the NorthWest and even smaller in Eugene Oregon, she would drive to Portland & Seattle to pursue auditions, jobs, and agents! She found all three and began to build her resume and film reel. At the close of her Junior year, Megan landed her first professional film role as the lead in The Day My Parents Became Cool, which won Best Comedy at the Hollywood International Family Film Festival. It was also an Official selection of Sedona 2009. While traveling to festivals and beginning the process of networking, she finished her education with a double Major in Theatre Arts and Speech Pathology.

Eventually she found her way back to California and has begun working background on television and feature films. She plans to attain her SAG membership in a timely fashion though background work, in the hopes of becoming a film star.

Through her festival travels, she has met many an industry professional. One of these acquaintances blossomed into a beautiful business relationship providing a lead role for Megan in her first feature film. Slash is to be filmed early 2011 in New Mexico and Megan could not be more excited.

Her most memorable performance to date was in the world premiere of Feelin’ Good. A play written and directed by a dear dear friend, which was soon after bought and published.

She is involved with several production companies creating sketches, film concepts and more! She has several projects in development and will be releasing creative and original independent films, webisodes and short films in the near future. Happy Hour is one of these films. It is an official selection in LA’s 2010 Zero Film Festival!