Next guest on Tech Barbarians is none other than writer/directer/producer “Sean Becker“!

When? Wednesday November 3,2010 at 7pm PST / 10pm EST

Where? LIVE with audio and chat room of course! : )

Contest? Isn’t there always?

Who is Sean Becker?

Talk about a talented person! Sean appears to be the real Hollywood deal! Only without the Hollywood stuck up attitude that good old tinsel town has grown to be known for. What at first glance may seem like a quiet serious faced, fresh out of college guy, with no focus as to where he may be going in life, will probably surprise you to note that he’s already won a regional “Emmy” award, not to mention a web “Streamy” award all within the first few years in the industry. Sean also directs and edits the beloved web series “The Guild”  as well as the new “Jeff Lewis’s 5 Minute Comedy Hour“(viewer discretion advised).

I had a nice casual talk with Sean on the phone yesterday in regards to our interview and the positive impression of the guy that I saw him as prior to talking has only been heightened ten fold. Sean seems to be an extremely down to earth and easy to talk to kind of guy. In questioning other actors I know that have worked with him has only added to that belief even more! Though I’m not an actor, I’d imagine working with Sean as my director would be a pleasure as he seems very easy to get along with, not to mention joke around with. I’d even go so far as to say that most likely, he carries a sense of calmness with him on set that puts the other people around him at ease.

When not working on the production of “The Guild“, Sean works on a series of shorts with another extremely hilarious and talented director/producer “Payman Benz“. Sean and Payman formed “Awkward Pictures“, which produces mostly random comedic web shorts(viewer discretion advised). The talent that is flowing from those two guys is simply amazing. What I always look for in anyone I interview, or in people that interest me in life in general, are people that you can tell have a huge passion for what it is they are doing in life. I can honestly say I can completely and utterly see and feel that from Sean’s work as well as hearing him talk about his craft in interviews and over the phone.

-Chris Pope

Some links for more information on Sean: