Jenni Powell joining us this Wednesday!

Posted: 26th October 2010 by admin in Announcements

I am super excited to announce that “Jenni Powell” has agreed to hang with us this coming Wednesday!

When? Wednesday October 27,2010 at 7pm PST / 10pm EST

Where? LIVE with audio and chat room of course! : )

Contest? Isn’t there always? More details on this coming soon…

Who is Jenni Powell?

Okay, it’s hard to imagine that we could ever come close to topping our previous guests! We love all of our guests and are thankful they decided to take the time to hang with us. But Jenni Powell is special in alot of ways! I consider her to be an extreme breath of fresh air to any show no matter who you’ve had on previous episodes.

I’d like to say that even though I’ve never met Jenni in person, she probably gets told that she has an addictive personality! And if that has never been said.. I’m saying it now! Anyone wanting to listen to Jenni prior to our show can find her over at “The Knights of The Guild” podcast, along with her co-host Kenny(who is also equally awesome!). Jenni and Kenny are alot of fun to listen to in that you can tell how excited they both are to be a part of such awesomeness that is, “The Guild”. In speaking of an enjoyable podcast, I don’t give that praise lightly as I am someone that loves listening to a rotation of about 10-12 different podcasts per week : )

She  has been a Producer/Producer’s Assistant/Production Assistant/Actress/Podcaster and about 9000 other jobs according to her IMDB page!

Some links for Jenni Powell:

  1. Kenny says:

    Hey Guys, thanks for the kind words about our podcast. Jenni is fantastic, looking forward to listen to this podcast. Would love to get a promo of your podcast to play on ours. Contact me at