Episode #30 Featuring Maria Palafox,”Teenygeek”


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Chris’s pre-show take on Maria:

So unless you’re blind you’ve probably noticed that not only is she a gamer girl, she’s also an exceptionally beautiful gamer girl! Now calm down all you people out there.. as well as my wife.. Let me make it clear, I think I’m beautiful too, well at least Sexy.. and if I were a gamer girl, I’d imagine I’d be beautiful too. Ok fine, enough messin around as though I’m all arrogate. I’d like to imagine that my regular readers and listeners know that although sexy.. I’m NOT ARROGATE.. jeeze!

Speaking of not being arrogate, neither is Maria. I think sometimes it’s hard for people to come to grasps that when you see someone that seems to be in a much higher bracket than you, whether this be in looks, sports, money, gaming, or life in general, we tend to shy away from or label this person as snooty and self absorbed. This especially seems to be a problem for my fellow nerd/geek brethren when dealing with the ladies. Guys, seriously, they may be from Venus, but they’re human and in case you haven’t noticed, they’re awesome!

In the case of Maria, I asked her to be on Tech Barbarians for multiple reasons.. one being that she did an article on “How to Pick Up Women in WoW”. I’m not saying that WoW is the ultimate place to pickup “Chicks”, considering that a huge percentage of those “Chicks” you see running around with their hot digitized perfectly honed feminine curves actual in real life have a body part that rhymes with that word  I just wrote in quotation marks. Not to mention many of the “I’m just playing a girl because I want something pretty to look at all day” types even act like that word as well ;) In reality Maria seems to be one of those rare ladies that more than likely have guys of all levels of hotness throwing themselves at her, yet she relates more with the geeky/nerdy community and for that, Maria.. we salute you!

I don’t want to spoil all the details before the show, but I will say that at one time, Maria was in one of the top World of Warcraft guilds in the world. A feat that can only be established by a tremendous amount of skill, dedication, and focused time on playing the game. I get the impression from her that shes the kinda girl that easily lets loose when shes around her close friends, feels right at home with her social media internet buddies and during business hours, shes business, but can on queue let her hair down and hang with the guys all while cracking jokes about the silliness of life like the best of em!

On the show we plan to talk about Maria’s new Tattoo which can only be described as the geekiest of awesome as well as her trip to Blizzcon coming up this next week! So come join us for the fun!

-Chris Pope, producer writer and co-host of the Tech Jives Network