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Tech Barbarians is planning to have guest host Amy Elk on LIVE! Watch for post time!

Amy Elk is a professional voice actress, and software developer from Atlanta, GA. She has two small children, and a full time job, and still finds time to audition AND produce a podcast, which makes us wonder if she has a TARDIS hidden in her closet. Yes, she is, in fact, a geek as well.

Amy’s Voice Over training includes classes at the Alliance Theatre, instructed by industry veteran, Paul Armbruster, and yourAct studios in Atlanta, GA. Under the expert instruction of Della Cole, a seasoned voice actress with over 30 years experience as both an actress and an agent, Amy grew as an actress and a voice over talent. She continues to sharpen her skills and is constantly working hard to provide the best possible voiceovers in the business. She is now proudly represented by People Store, and works both in local studios and out of her home studio.

Her work can be heard on several different podcasts in the form of bumpers and long form narrations. Check out AppSlappy, Podcastle, and Radio Free Burrito, to hear bumpers and narrations by Amy, as well as Amy’s own podcast, Drawer Full of Dreams, to hear her daily musings on her journey as a Voice Actress, a working mom, and a geek.

Follow Amy on twitter at, or check out her website at

Other random, arguably interesting facts about me:

  • I have 2 kids, ages 5(boy) and 3(girl).
  • By day, I work in software. I’m a .NET and SQL developer for a large point of sale manufacturer, which basically means I write software for cash registers.
  • I have been a big geek ever since I saw Star Wars as a kid.
  • Before I had kids, I played lots of D&D, and card games like Magic, although I was much better at role playing than strategy…thus now I’m an actor!
  • I love Sci-Fi and fantasy.
  • I have a somewhat freakish knowledge of The Muppets. I’ve always been a big Muppet fan, and I amaze even my puppeteer friends (oh, yes did I mention that I have puppeteer friends?) with my obscure Muppet trivia knowledge. J
  • My husband thinks that I have an unnatural addiction to my iPhone because he sees me playing with it wherever we go. In reality, I’m just checking in on Foursquare, or tweeting.
  • When I’m not acting, or playing with my kids, cycling is what feeds my soul. I hop on a bike at the gym and suddenly feel I can do anything.
  • My favorite shoes are my blue Converse sneakers.

#023-Tech Barbarians – 7/12/10 – – – Chris Pope & Mark Eoff

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7-12-10 “Remote Administration Tools! Whats the best?” Check out for show notes! This episode is part of the network and is hosted by: Chris Pope and Mark Eoff

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Tech Barbarians Podcast #19 – 5/25/2010 – This week: OK, Felicia Day was available, but stupid Skype dropped the call. So, Chris and Mark talk to each other…again…

Browser Geeks! Chrome 5 released!
A major computer security firm urged Facebook on Tuesday to set up an early-warning system after hundreds of thousands of users were hit by a new wave of fake sex-video attacks.
Google Pac-Man Might’ve Cost Us $120,483,800!! (I kicked it’s ass!)…
Windows Phone 7: technical tidbits exposed! (Cover your eyes!…)

Video Game HQ: This week, Luke reviews Saints Row 2 for Xbox 360


Tech Barbarians Podcast #18 – 5/18/2010 – This week: Felicia Day wasn’t available again, so, Chris and Mark talk to each other…

Apparently, when you publish your Social Security number prominently on your website and billboards, people take it as an invitation to steal your identity

Interesting software licensing model. The D&R (Death and Repudiation) license could really catch on!…

New federal copyright infringement lawsuits plummeted to a six-year low in 2009, the year after the Recording  Industry Association of America abandoned its litigation campaign against file sharers….
Office 2010 versus Google Apps: Which Fits Your Business?

Tech Barbarians Podcast #17 – 5/10/2010 – This week: Chris and Mark talk to each other…

How much of your favorite energy drink, soda, or caffeinated food would it take to kill you? Take this quick test and find out
Cupidtino: A Dating Site for Apple Fanboys and Fangirls
Facebook Tries to Make Violations of Terms of Use Into Criminal Violations
Wi-Fi is about to lay claim to a new frequency band that could result in speeds at least 10 times faster than what’s currently available.
Android Smartphone Sales Exceed iPhone in the U.S. for First Time


Tech Barbarians Podcast #16 – 5/3/2010 – This week: Darrell the TipGiver stops by the show.

Darrell made Mark a household word with the now infamous ‘Al Gore Skit’ (it’s in tonight’s show!)…You may also know Darrell from Twitter where he goes by the name of @Bearbutt. Listen as Darrell describes some of his podcasting experiences with Chris and Mark.

In The News: In the biggest case of online identity theft in U.S. history, three conspirators receive 17 to 25 years in jail. Ironically, the thefts were carried out using a technique known as ‘SQL Injection’. Now these guys will be receiving daily injections of an entirely DIFFERENT type!

Is Apple in the crosshairs of an anti-trust action? I guess it doesn’t seem fair that Microsoft should have all the fun!

13 percent of international calls use Skype!

Aw, dang it, Twitter is no fun

Not News, but Still Pretty Cool…

Just how the heck DOES a cell phone call work?…

Looking for the perfect operating system? Look no more!…


Tech Barbarians Podcast #15 – 4/23/2010 – Guest Hosting – Jeff Sparkman from CNET and!

Join us as Jeff Sparkman, CNET correspondent, takes on guest host duties with your favorite barbarians, Chris and Mark! Jeff reveals that his current project involves watching at least one episode of every TV show that started between 1974 and 1992. Like Mark always says, ‘Everybody needs a hobby…’
Follow Jeff on Twitter

Tech Barbarians News:

Steve Jobs tells you where to download porn

Did Gray Powell really lose the prototype iPhone 4G, or was the whole thing just an elaborate setup?…

McAfee update borks millions of Windows XP computers! I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later…

Some people are just attention whores

Former bad-guy hacker turned good-guy hacker declares that Microsoft is more secure than Apple or Adobe. What? This must be a misprint…

Finally, I can churn out 3-D models of Felicia Day!…

Video Game HQ: Our own Luke Eoff reviews the new iterations of the popular Nintendo Pokemon games for the DS…


Tech Barbarians Podcast #14 – 4/19/2010 – Special Guest Nicole Spagnuolo from Ladies of Leet!

Tech Barbarians, Rejoice! Chris has bagged Nicole Spagnuolo (@Nicolespag) from the ‘Ladies of Leet’ podcast to round out our distinguished panel of experts for tonight’s show! Check out to see what Nicole is up to when she is not dressed in animal skins and swinging a club with Chris and Mark!
Follow Nicole on Twitter

This Week In the News:

Google Chrome picking up steam, bypassing Safari and Opera and closing in on Firefox! Hey, I’m using it right now!

Do you suppose that Apple is making any money on that iPad thing?

Government + Piracy = Bogus

Hey, I don’t mind if the government puts spyware on my computer to detect and remove copyright-protected software. Just who do I think I am, anyway?…

This week’s $25 Best Buy Gift Certificate went to the lucky chat-room dweller who was able to convince Nicole that the best video game ever was — Super Mario! Congratulations, glme! (glme? seriously?)

No Mark’s Mega-Deals this week, although Mark did receive TWO rebate checks in the mail from previous mega-deals! Also, tune in next week as Luke reviews the latest Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS on Video Game HQ!


Tech Barbarians Podcast Lucky Number #13 – 4/12/2010 – “Josh Johnson and Tim Hunt from ‘Bad Movie Night Podcast’


Chris and Mark would like to welcome Josh and Tim to the TechJives family! On tonight’s show, we discover that Mark and bad movies go WAY back! We get a preview (PG-rated) of the sort of nonsense that can be found on the ‘Bad Movie Night‘ podcast as Josh and Tim have at it!

In other news, we discuss the merits of Bulletproof T-Shirts, and whether or not you would trust said technology from the 3-Dollar Sale Rack at your local Wal-Mart (the general consensus was ‘yes’…)

Also, HTML5 has passed compatibility testing on Google’s Chrome browser with flying colors! IE, not so much…

In a shocking development, the deaths of 30 research monkeys sparks outcry!

Our distinguished panel has a rousing discussion about digital piracy. Is it morally, legally, or ethically questionable to pirate an e-book if you have ALREADY purchased the same book in hardcopy? Hmmm?…

We wrap up the news this week with our $25 Best Buy Gift Certificate Giveaway (courtesy of our sponsor, CED Solutions, LLC) in response to the question: Why Do Apple iPhone Ads Always Show The Time As 9:42? Our lucky winner was chosen by our Chat Room Moderator, none other than Frankie_B, from ‘Frankie Speaks’! Mark’s Mega-Deals and Video Game HQ will return next week!


Tech Barbarians Podcast #12 – 4/3/2010 – “Colleen Kelly from TWiT tv Guest Hosting”


Colleen is easily one of the techiest girls on the planet, once you’ve talked to Colleen or seen her in action, you’ll agree with that fact!

Follow Colleen on Twitter
Our favorite moments from the show:

Colleen: do I have time to go pee?

Colleen: I like drinking BAWLS

Want to know more about who Colleen is? Well here ya go

Colleen TWiT Wiki Page

Colleen on Revision3 Part 1

Colleen on Revision3 Part 2

Celebrity Twitter Fight Club


Tech Barbarians Podcast #11 – 3/29/2010 – “Scott Johnson Guest Hosting”


iTunes Feed

Non-iTunes Feed

“Scott Johnson Guest Hosting!”

We had a nice interview with Scott on alot of the different things he’s got going on, including Frogpants Studios and the TWiT network!

We also had a discussion on Scott’s and Turpster’s newest podcast “Hypothetical Help“, which we are pleased to be some of the first to get to interview him about this show.

We also have to give a shout out to Colleen who is a VP Engineer over at TWiT for hanging out with us in the chat room! Darrell the tip givers tip of the week dropped in for awhile as well :)


Steve Jobs chillin with his homie Eric Schmidt while sipping a latte with some hawt black sox and tennis shoes…..YO!(yo seemed revelant)

coffee blog - Espresso Essential

Students being recruited to spy on media pirates that torrent!

The new gaming vest that with beat the crap out of you while playing!

Tech Topic:

Replacing common services at home that normally cost you a monthly fee…

Cable Service
Phone Service
Cell Service

Here is the video we talked about in the show about Scott’s cable free lifestyle!


TechBarbarians Podcast #10 – 3/22/2010 — TechBarbarians Has Made It Into Double Digits! Woo-Hoo!

This Week In Tech News:
Some Very Funny Stuff Out Of Austin Texas (And, No, This Isn’t About SXSW…)
Losing Your Job? Getting Ready To Lose Your Job? See What The NYTimes Has To Say… Chris Recommends:
Chris And Mia Keep You Up To Speed On Technical Certification! Mia’s Gonna Butter Yo’ Bread!…
So, Just How Does Windows 7 Enhance Security?…

The Main Event:
Google And China – Just How Is The Internet Giant Reacting To Hacking Allegations?…

This Week On VGHQ:
By The Time This Podcast Got Underweigh, Luke Was Already Asleep, So Chris And Mark Take The Opportunity To Talk About One Of Their Favorite Valve Games: Portal…

Random Web Nuggets Of The Week:
Hey, Everybody, I’ve Found My Summer Movie!…
Gonna Be In Utah? Get Your Tickets NOW!…


TechBarbarians Podcast #9 – 3/14/2010

New Rendering Method Claims Unlimited Detail, Kills Polygons (Is This Even Legal?),2817,2361129,00.asp
Cisco’s New Router To Deliver 322 Terabits per Second (!)
Android Crushes the Competition, iPhone Stands Still – The Battle For Your Front Pocket Rages On!
Lifelock Dinged $12 Million for Deceptive Business Practices – Seems Like This Guy Would Have Benefitted Greatly From Chris Or Mark’s Security Plus Class!
Apple Sells 51,000 iPads in First Two Hours? Gotta Love Fanboys…

Mark’s Mega-Deals:

73″ Mitsubishi DLP HDTV For $1397!

Video Game Review:

The Xbox 360 Version Of  ‘Dante’s Inferno’ –


TechBarbarians Podcast #8 – 3/8/2010

Special Guest Star – Steve from ‘Ask Buxley’ goes one-on-one with Chris about their favorite mutual obsession — World of Warcraft! Meanwhile, Mark watches the Felicia Day music video, ‘Do You Want To Date My Avatar?’ for about the millionth time…


Are You A Rotten, No Good, Ad Blocker?:

Did Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Hack Rival Journalists E-mail Accounts?:

Has Your World of Warcraft Account Been Hacked? What Blizzard Is Doing About It:

Creator Of The Web Series ‘The Guild’, Felicia Day, Handcrafts And Sells A Replica Codex Staff On eBay To Raise Money For Red Cross:

Super Mega-Deals:

All Back Issues Of Popular Science Magazine Dating Back To The Beginning Of Time Digitally Scanned And Available Online For FREE!:

Video Game Review: Our Video Game HQ correspondent, Luke Eoff, will be back next week with a hard-hitting review of the highly anticipated ‘Dante’s Inferno’ for Xbox 360!


TechBarbarians Podcast #7 – 3/1/2010


Hottest Princess Leia Collectibles –

Maryland targets Web sites that allow creepy old men to acquire young international sex-toy brides. Facebook appears safe. For now…

Graphics card prices could rise by 10%! —

The very first Windows Phone 7! —

Microsoft goes after huge spammer botnet —

The Big Topic:

Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) goes down! —


Dumb and Dumber Blu-ray 10 bucks! —

Microsoft Xbox 360 60GB Live Starter Pack (Headset & 3-Months Xbox Live) $74.99 Free Shipping –

Microsoft Xbox Live Gold 12-Month Subscription Card $34.99 Free Shipping –

Video Game Review:

Modern Warfare 2 —

Random Web-Nugget-Of-The-Week:


TechBarbarians Podcast # 6 – 2/21/2010

This week, the TechBarbarians staff would like to welcome guest host Bonnie Frankum to the podcast! A former co-worker of the Barbarians, Bonnie is currently on a secret mission deep within Ft. Hood, Texas, where she is making America safe from foreign aggression! Welcome, Bonnie!

High School Used Student Laptop Computer Webcams To Spy On Them
Using Facebook Or Twitter Could Raise Your Insurance Premiums By Ten Percent
US Troops Get Wall-Penetrating Sensors In Afghanistan

Big Topic:
Chris, Mark, and Bonnie discuss the movie ‘Idiocracy’

Video Game Review:
This Week: Darksiders (XBox 360)

Random Web-Nugget-Of-The-Week:


TechBarbarians Podcast # 5 – 2/16/2010

Windows Phone 7 –
Google offering Fiber Optic Service –
Apple offers $10,000 for ten billionth iTuens download! –

Main Topic:
Study proves College education makes you liberal –

TechBarbarians Discussion-Item-Of-The-Week:
Web 2.0 –

On the Lighter Side:

Random Web-Nugget-Of-The-Week:
??? –


TechBarbarians Podcast #4 – 2/7/10 – Super Bowl Edition!


iPad discussion –

Avatar dethroned by Chick flick –

Gmail drops IE6-

Google Chrome browser pulls ahead of Safari and Opera!,2817,2358686,00.asp

lithium-ion battery life 20 years

Windows Phone 7 – Zune interface


Facebook ‘doppelganger’ craze is ILLEGAL!

Wow-News- Ensidia Guild banned –

33 billion online videos!

The Wolfman!;221668701;45918979;y


Comptia –

Videogame Review – This week: Fallout 3


TechBarbarians Podcast #3 – LIVE! 1/31/10


Is it illegal to watch ‘the Big Game’ on your 55-inch HDTV?
Where do you go for technical reviews of hardware?
Zune phone?
Teenager invents device to allow texting from 1000 feet underground:
Can you run Windows 7 on an iPad? (not really…)
8 things that Suck About The iPad:

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks with our special guest, Adam Nadauld

iPhone app review with Chris and Justin Laura

Video Game Review with Luke Eoff. This week — Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) Rating – 10 out of 10!

TechBarbarians Podcast #2 – 1/23/10


Apple Gets Closer To Debuting New Tablet  -
The FBI Sucks At Photoshop  -
Guy Actually Dies Of Heart Attack While Watching Avatar  -
Build Your Own Fully Functional (but not lethal) Star Trek Phaser -
Microsoft Confirms 17-Year Old Bug –
Internet Explorer 6 - Time To Put It Out Of Its Misery -
Google Attacks Linked To China -
Should The New Apple Tablet Be Called The ‘iPad’? (Watch YouTube Video From A Mad TV Skit From 2006) - ,
Microsoft Boss Steve Ballmer Autographs Fans Macbo0k -

Fun Stuff:

World’s Greatest Music Video (Starring The Lovely And Talented Felicia Day) -
Mildly Disturbing Image of Felicia Day Channeling Neytiri From Avatar -

Our Favorite Sites:
Check Out DotTech.Org For Cool Freebies -

Check Out Bootdisk.Com For Boot Utilities

Microsoft Purchased Sysinternals And Is Offering Some Really Great Utilities For Free! -

Always A Winner -

Video Game Headquarters (VGHQ)

This Week – Xbox 360 Version Of Grand Theft Auto IV And The New Expansion Packs – The Lost And The Damned, And The Legend Of Gay Tony


TechBarbarians Inaugural Podcast! Woo-Hoo! January 15, 2010

News –

DisplayPort –
SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) – ,
Kodak Sues Apple –

Certification –

CompTIA news –

Online Good Deals –

Video Game Review – Luke Eoff reviews Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the PS3

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