Episode 002 – Guest: Scott Fletcher


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Information about Scott: (Taken from his site,Caraworks.com)

Scott Fletcher was raised in Montana,  received a degree in Art and Sociology from Montana State University, and worked as a radio personality and a TV weather man for a number of years.

Scott also has a deep background in theater and was a founding member of Venture Theatre as well as the longest-running improvisational comedy show in Montana.

Scott was also the Production Manager of a community access cable station and a cable technician for a video-on-demand company.  He went on to become a senior propeller-head at a technology company, designing software solutions for healthcare information systems.

Scott maintained his media skills through the years by producing audio and video pieces for use in hotel movie systems, automated telephone systems, and internet audio and podcasts.

In  January 2005, Scott Fletcher jumped back in the game.  He lovesthis stuff, delivering quality and affordable voice and audio production to clients.

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  1. I’d like to point out that the “Warlock Scott In Hellfire” image was my Halloween Twitter avatar. I do not, nor have I ever, endorsed Christine O’Donnell.

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