Jason Charles Miller joins Amy Elk and Chris Pope Thursday!

Join Amy Elk and Chris Pope for another episode of On Vox, featuring special guest Jason Charles Miller

When: Thursday 10am PST / 1pm EST



Jason Charles Miller is an accomplished and multi-faceted performer, with more than a decade of professional experience as a musician, songwriter, actor and voice personality.

Miller is most widely recognized as the frontman of the rock band Godhead, the only band ever signed to Marilyn Manson’s Posthuman Records. The band has sold more than 200,000 albums, and toured the world with the likes of Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Disturbed, Slipknot, Rammstein and Korn frontman Jonathan Davis. Godhead received a gold record for their placement on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, and Jason has another gold record for the song “The End Has Come,” which he wrote with former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody for the movie The Punisher.

As an accomplished songwriter and music producer, Jason has co-written with artists such as Marilyn Manson, Jeordie White (Nine Inch Nails), Ben Moody (Evanescence), Chuck Goff (Toby Keith), Nina Bergman, Rev Theory and even Paul Anka. He’s produced songs for various artists from Psyclon 9 to Bret Michaels. Jason also penned the all star collaboration “Forever In Our Hearts,” a song to benefit the victims of the 2004 tsunami in South Asia which included Brian McKnight, Mya, Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, Nate Dogg and many more. Songs he’s written can currently be heard on HBO’s “True Blood” and “Hung”, “WWE Friday Night Smackdown”, and the wildly popular web series, “The Guild.” Jason was recently the music supervisor and music editor for the feature film, “Last Stop” and also was the music editor and a performing musician on the critically acclaimed series, “Dragon Age: Redemption.”

As an actor Jason has appeared in over 40 animated productions, dozens of video games and 8 live action movies. Some career highlights include “Avatar: The Last Airbender” (the Dai Li Commander and 5 episodes of various villains), “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” (Dollman and Black Condor), “Moribito, Guardian of the Spirit” (Shinji), “Code Geass” (Urabe), “World of Warcraft” (Prince Valanar, Commander Stoutbeard, Terrath the Steady, Hagrim Hopebreaker), “Super Street Fighter 4” (Guy), Resident Evil 5 (Robert Kendo), and Star Craft 2. You can even see Jason on screen as Strike Leader Jackson in the SyFy original movie, “Battle Planet” and playing himself in season 5 of “The Guild.” It has also just been announced that Jason is voicing a main character in the game “Guild Wars 2,” to be released in 2012.

Jason has been featured in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Guitar World and many more. He’s also appeared on MTV, MTV2, Fuse and VH1. Touted by many critics as one of rock’s best and most consistent live singers, Jason continues to wow live audiences all over the world.


::Danny Roane: First Time Director Charles Brown Lion’s Gate / Andy Dick, Director
::Battle Planet Strike Leader Jackson Sci-Fi Channel
::Day of the Dead Zombie Warner Bros.
::Fingerman: Dr. London and the Triangle Force Dr. Isosceles Cobra Films
::Everyday Joe Joe Futuremen Films
::Hollywood Kills Bartender Innovative Films
::Backlash Assassin Triton Northstar
::The Curse of El Charo Towny Paramount Pictures
::Avatar: The Last Airbender Scary Prisoner, Thug, Head Guard, Dai Li Agent, (6 episodes) Nickelodeon
::Wonder Woman Thrax Warner Bros.
::Batman: The Brave and The Bold Black Condor, Doll Man Warner Bros./Cartoon Network
::Code Geass Urabe (recurring) Bandai/Cartoon Network
::Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Jin (recurring) Funimation/ Cartoon Network
::World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (Video Game) Hagrim Hopebreaker, Terrath the Steady Blizzard
::World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (Video Game) Commander Stoutbeard, Prince Valanar, Thalorien Dawnseeker Blizzard
::Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (Video Game) Various Voices Blizzard
::Super Street Fighter 4 (Video Game) Guy Capcom
::Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles (Video Game) Robert Kendo Capcom
::The Last Remnant (Video Game) Various Characters Square Enix.
::Monster Murderer Madhouse/ SyFy Channel
::Read or Die – Movie Eliot, Stephen Cartoon Network/ Manga
::Daigunder Linian, Reporter ABC Family
::Hellsing Soldier X, various monsters Geneon
::Hellsing Ultimate Vampires, zombies, soldiers Geneon/ Funimation
::Texhnolyze Shinji (lead, 22 episodes) Geneon
::When they Cry Yoshiro, various Funimation
::Ikki Tosen- Battle Vixens Hanno Geneon
::Patlabor Hiromi Yamazaki Bandai
::Patlabor 2 Hiromi Yamazaki, Yamadera Bandai
::Rozen Maiden Yamamoto, Enju (recurring) Geneon
::Gun X Sword Zakoda Geneon
::Dead Leaves Triple Seven Manga Ent.
::Attack the Gas Station Paint Bang Zoom
::Read or Die – Series Obnoxious Pilot G4/Geneon
::Ghost in the Shell – Series Mihashi Cartoon Network
::Paranoia Agent Security Guard, Maromi fan Geneon
::Mermaid Forest Sakagami Pirate Geneon
::Samurai Resurrection Senpachi Bang Zoom
::Dears Hirofumi Geneon
::Girls Bravo Young Gangster Geneon
::Otogizoshi Various soldiers Bang Zoom
::Boys Be Yuuki Okizaki Right Stuff Intl.
::Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil (4 Television Promos) Nosferatu Comedy Central
::Baccardi “Football Party” Voice Over Baccardi Rum
::CBS Radio Promos Voice Over CBS
::Pop Tarts “Guitar” Voice Over Kelloggs
::League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Voice Over Additional Fox
::Johnny Rockets Voice Over Johnny Rockets
::Jeep “Cradle of Life” Voice Over Chrysler
::Cazadores Tequila Voice Over Baccardi
::Backlash Stunt performer Triton Northstar
::On Camera Private Coaching Mara Casey
::Singing: Classical George Mason University, Instructor: Taso Vrenos
::Singing: Classical Instructor: Russell Penney
::Voice Over Instructor: Eliza Snyder
::Voice Over Instructor: Lauren Adams
::Martial Arts Hung Gar Kung Fu, Sifu Buck Sam Kong
::Martial Arts Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Sifu Derek Wright
::20th Century Fox (Mr. And Mrs. Smith trailer)
::Disney (ABC Family Channel, “Daigunder” morning cartoon show)
::Kelloggs (Pop Tarts commercial)
::Clorox Bleach (commercial)
::Nesquick (commercial)
::20th Century Fox (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen trailers)
::Johnny Rockets (commercial)
::Jeep (commercial)
::Transporter 2 (trailer)
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