Return of On Vox with Amy Elk and Chris Pope

After months and months of searching, super human Amy Elk has finally caught  her co-host and producer Chris Pope. Under threat of Amy’s fiery red headed super powers, not to mention duct tape, Chris has been forced persuaded to get the show moving again.

Okay everyone, obviously Chris hasn’t been hiding, and besides, why in the crap would Amy need to capture him in order to get the show going? The truth is, as most of you know, there has been some personal stuff going on in Amy’s life and as far as Chris goes.. his normal insane schedule keeps him from getting to take part in as many interviews as he used to. We are VERY happy to announce though that Chris and Amy are gonna try and get the show moving on a regular basis again. If not weekly, than as least as frequently as possible.

The guest of our come back show will be announced shortly..

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