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Episode 022 – Guest:Katie Leigh and Alicyn Packard. Two of the voice cast from the PBS Kids show “Poppy Cat” will be interviewing with us next!

 PLAY NOW  iTunes Feed  MP3 RSS Feed We’d like to invite you to listen to a special episode of On Vox featuring two of the cast of the very successful animated series “Poppy Cat” from sprout. Both of these ladies are also part of the Voxy Ladies as well, so check them out there also. [...]

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Jason Charles Miller joins Amy Elk and Chris Pope Thursday!

Join Amy Elk and Chris Pope for another episode of On Vox, featuring special guest Jason Charles Miller When: Thursday 10am PST / 1pm EST Where: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE DURING SHOW TIME   Jason Charles Miller is an accomplished and multi-faceted performer, with more than a decade of professional experience as a musician, songwriter, [...]

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Return of On Vox with Amy Elk and Chris Pope

After months and months of searching, super human Amy Elk has finally caught  her co-host and producer Chris Pope. Under threat of Amy’s fiery red headed super powers, not to mention duct tape, Chris has been forced persuaded to get the show moving again. Okay everyone, obviously Chris hasn’t been hiding, and besides, why in the crap would Amy need to capture him [...]

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Liam O’Brien to guest host the very first show!

Are you prepared? Amy and Chris are extremely excited to announce that Liam O’Brien has agreed to guest host the very first episode of On Vox! Recording Live? Why Yes! It will be actually.. Audio streaming with a chat room! When? Wednesday Oct. 20, 2010 at 4:20pm EST / 1:20pm PST Where? On the “Listen LIVE” Tab Contest? [...]

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Content coming soon!

Summary of the show: Tune in with host, Amy Elk, to hear discussion of the fascinating world of voice over. Each episode Amy is joined by a different industry professional, to talk about their own unique experience on the journey to professional voice over work. More Info: On Vox provides an in-depth, candid look at [...]

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