Most recent clips combined:



Bob Bergen has been the voice of Porky Pig and MANY other characters for over 21 years! Along with signing autographs for fans of our shows, he sent me these audio clips!


Jen Taylor is┬ámost well known for her major role in all the Halo games for the Xbox as “Cortana”, however, shes also played “Princess Peach” and “Toad” for alot of Mario games along with “Zoe” from Left 4 Dead! Jen made a bumper for me of one of her most famous lines from the E3 trailor for Halo 2… “Betcha can’t stick it!” lol


James Harper has been in loads of movies and TV shows but these days is most known for his role as the villain in one of the worlds top PC games, StarCraft 1 and 2. He plays


Robert Clotworthy has become a really good friend that although I’m in Atlanta and he’s in Hollywood, we talk once or more weekly if possible. Robert has over 1000+ movie/tv show credits and is most known right now as the hero character in StarCraft 1 and 2, Jim Raynor! He made a really nice bumper for me :)


Liam O’Brian is well known in the video game and anime voice industry! World of Warcraft players will know him as the main raid boss in “The Burning Crusade”. He voiced “Illidan Stormrage”. Yet another neat bumper he sent me :)