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The New York Times wants the government to start regulating Google’s search business.

To be fair, the Times admits that forcing Google to get approval every time it tweaks its search algorithm — as it does constantly — would be impractical and stifling.

But, that aside, the Times thinks “it is worth exploring ways to ensure that the editorial policy guiding Google’s tweaks is solely intended to improve the quality of the results and not to help Google’s other businesses.”

No, it really isn’t.

A few reasons why that is a terrible idea:

  • Google doesn’t have a monopoly on search. It currently has two serious competitors in Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing, or perhaps one and a half, since Bing will be powering Yahoo searches from now on. Google’s search share is around 63%, well under the standard thresholds for antitrust concerns.

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RIP Facebook Gifts

Facebook is winding down its “Gift Shop” feature, the company announced today. Facebook Gifts will stop operating on August 1, although gifts you’ve received previously will remain on your wall.

It’s a surprising move from FacebookFacebook, who stands to become a significant player in online transactions thanks to Facebook Credits. Given that gifting is a great advertisement for the benefit of making transactions on Facebook, we can only imagine that giving Gifts is wildly unpopular. Facebook Credits perhaps doesn’t need a helping hand, either: The rapid rise of Facebook gameshas assured the success of the Credits scheme.

If you’re into gifting on Facebook, you still have a few options: Birthday Cards and Pieces of Flair to name a couple.

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Today in Security #20 Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

The data you don’t even know you have

Senate Working To Consolidate Cybersecurity Bills

Phishers Celebrate Special Occasions

White House seeks comment on trusted ID plan

Google Releases Chrome 5.0.375.86

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Apple Releases iTunes 9.2

Clickjack Baddie Whack

Blackhat SEO uses online games to distribute malware

Spammers Target Facebook and Twitter at Once

Belgian pump and dump botnet revealed

iPhone Password Breaker updated with iOS4 Software support

Microsoft Offers Developers Cloud Security Tips

TBD #10 Today’s IT Beat Down Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

WordPress 3.0
Twitter, Apple and AT&T Irk Customers
FCC moves to regulate internet
Intuit Service Outage
Verizon internet charges
and a TOTALLY spontaneous angry mob

Verizon iPhone Rumor Refuses to Die

If you want an iPhone, AT&T is the only wireless game in town. And if you think Apple is shooting itself in the foot by limiting the iPhone to a single network, the numbers suggest otherwise. The Cupertino company on Wednesday said there have been more than 600,000 pre-orders for the new iPhone 4, the largest number of pre-orders Apple has ever taken in a single day. Be that as it may, why then do rumors persist that Apple’s iPhone is coming to Verizon?

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TBD #9 Today’s IT Beat Down – Niko DePofi Chris Pope

Technology Tools Prompt An ‘About-Face’ in K-12

10 ways to dodge Linux hardware issues

Bad Lot of Boards – Recall Due to a MOSFET Reliability Issue in a DC to DC Circuit on the Cards

Amazon, others discount Office 2010 day before launch

June 15, 1919: First Nonstop Flight Crosses Atlantic

AT&T suspends iPhone 4 pre-orders altogether, says they were ten times 3GS’ numbers

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TiS # 17 Today In Security 6-14-2010 Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Massive keylogger cache posted to

Google responds to privacy probe

‘Bug’ Sneaks Stealth Download into Microsoft Security Patch

Malware Leads to Breach of Student Data

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent

California Fines Five Hospitals For Failure To Protect Patient Data

Statement of fees 2009/2010 malware attack spammed out