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TBD #10 Today’s IT Beat Down Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

WordPress 3.0
Twitter, Apple and AT&T Irk Customers
FCC moves to regulate internet
Intuit Service Outage
Verizon internet charges
and a TOTALLY spontaneous angry mob

TBD #9 Today’s IT Beat Down – Niko DePofi Chris Pope

Technology Tools Prompt An ‘About-Face’ in K-12

10 ways to dodge Linux hardware issues

Bad Lot of Boards – Recall Due to a MOSFET Reliability Issue in a DC to DC Circuit on the Cards

Amazon, others discount Office 2010 day before launch

June 15, 1919: First Nonstop Flight Crosses Atlantic

AT&T suspends iPhone 4 pre-orders altogether, says they were ten times 3GS’ numbers

TBD 008 Today’s IT Beat Down Niko DePofi Chris Pope

What the geeks understand about the BP oil spill

Dell pondered going private; Would the move make sense?

Samsung has leaked a picture of its 7-inch Android OS touch screen tablet computer.

Major Oracle BI launch coming next month

This Day in Tech:  June 4 1977

TBD 007 Today’s IT Beat Down – Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Time Warner Cable Resists Mass BitTorrent Lawsuit

May 26, 1995: Gates, Microsoft Jump on ‘Internet Tidal Wave’

Editing Photos on the Linux System

Tips for working from home

Apple Facing Music Antitrust Inquiry

TBD-#006 Todays IT BeatDown Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

How much of a threat is Google TV to cable providers?

The Irrational Customer

Despite green diet, data centers still gobble power

ESPN to Bring Cisco TelePresence to 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Making It Big In Software: Google’s Peter Norvig

HELP FILE: Flash cookies revisited

This Day In Tech: Bikini is da Bomb

TiS 008 Today In Security Podcast Niko Depofi Chris Pope

Social Networks May Be Sharing Your Info with Advertisers

Symantec buying VeriSign unit for 1.28 billion dollars

Apple Releases Updates for Java Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6

Microsoft Security Advisory 2028859 Released

Phished Investment and Brokerage Service Brands

Facebook fixing embarrassing privacy bug

TBD 005 Today’s IT Beat Down Niko DePofi Chris Pope

10 things you’ll love about Ubuntu 10.4

HP says 10,000 cows can power 1,000 servers

Five Ways to Keep Online Criminals at Bay

Plus some music and Easter Eggs

TBD-#004 TodaysITBeadDown / produced by

Android Ramps Up To 65,000 Shipped Per Day, How to save money on Office 2010, May 14, 1771: Industrial Utopian Robert Owen Born, Lenovo ThinkPad W510: Workstation Power, Workstation Bulk, Shuttle Atlantis Set For Final Mission

TBD # 003 Today’s IT Beat Down Techjives Niko DePofi Chris Pope now

Square Mobile Credit Card System (Beta)

EMC users voice mixed feelings about VPLEX appliance

Cisco Virtual Events Take Home Top Honors from Event Marketer

May 11, 1951: RAM Is Born

Microsoft Office vs. Google Apps: The Business Brawl

Amid backlash, Facebook tries to save face


Phishing Apple Gift Cards, GPS Power-Up: Get Ready for New Sense of Place, Adobe CEO says Apple has become the big brother it rebelled against, Earnings Preview: Activision Blizzard, May 6, 1953: The Heart-Machine Age Begins, With Consumer Business Boost, Symantec Turns a Profit, Sony Blocks Linux On PS3