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TIS-007 Today In Security 5-18-10 Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Product Watch: Sourcefire Rolls Out SSL Appliance

‘Unbreakable’ was a stretch, ‘Rugged’ more attainable

Phishing Prepaid Debit Card Accounts

Facebook users warned about ‘sexiest video’ attack

Zeus-friendly ISP taken down

Facebook identifies hacker selling 1.5 million accounts

17 May 2010

Reports are coming in that Facebook has identified the self-proclaimed hacker who was offering to sell batches of 1000 Facebook accounts – up to 1.5 million in total – and it appears that the Russian hacker was wildly overstating the account numbers.

Weekend newswire reports say that the hacker, who is known as Kirllos, had succeeded in hacking into a number of Facebook accounts, which he planned to sell via online hacker forums.

However Facebook has told reporters that the Russian hacker was significantly overstating his account haul.

Robert McMillan of the IDG newswire quoted a Facebook spokersperson as saying: “We have determined Kirllos’ identity through IP addresses, online accounts, and other information and believe that he’s very likely a low-level actor.”

McMillan says that Kirllos had been selling batches of 1000 accounts at between $25 and $45 a batch.\

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