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Today in Security #21 8-17-10 Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Phishing courier service brands
Cisco IOS Software Vulnerability
Apple Releases QuickTime 7.6.7
New victim in India-Pakistan ‘cyberwar’
Laptop e-mail tipped Apple to kickbacks plot
Beware the Facebook “Dislike” Button Scam
HP to Acquire Fortify Software

Sophos Security Threat Report Mid-2010

By Graham Cluley at

Sophos has today published the mid-year update to its 2010 Security Threat Report, revealing the latest trends and findings from the world of cybercrime.

Read the official press release here.

I’m doing my bit to promote the report’s findings, having been transported into the oasis of cool known as the Soho Hotel in London, a short hop and a skip from media companies such as Momentum Films, 20th Century Fox and Paul McCartney’s MPL Communications.

Sadly my glamorous career doesn’t extend as far as making a cameo performance in a Bruce Willis disaster movie or playing the piccolo on Macca’s next album – instead, I’m esconsed in a comfy chair discussing SEO poisoning, fake anti-virus, and state-sponsored cybercrime.

Here are some of the topics we explore in the latest report:

As was mentioned in today’s press release about the report, when we look back over the last six months it’s clear that state-sponsored cybercrime has become a particularly hot topic.

For the rest of the threat report, visit Graham Cluley’s blog at

Today in Security #20 Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

The data you don’t even know you have

Senate Working To Consolidate Cybersecurity Bills

Phishers Celebrate Special Occasions

White House seeks comment on trusted ID plan

Google Releases Chrome 5.0.375.86

TiS #19 Today In Security Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Apple Releases iTunes 9.2

Clickjack Baddie Whack

Blackhat SEO uses online games to distribute malware

Spammers Target Facebook and Twitter at Once

Belgian pump and dump botnet revealed

iPhone Password Breaker updated with iOS4 Software support

Microsoft Offers Developers Cloud Security Tips

TiS 18 Today In Security Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Microsoft Launches Centralized Fraud Alert System For Reporting Stolen Data

New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet

High-living hacker swaps Porsche for porridge

New cyber security threats facing the public sector

Apple secretly updates Mac malware protection

Mark Weatherford Resigns as California CISO

TiS Facebook page is up!

Today in Security

Promote Your Page Too

TiS # 17 Today In Security 6-14-2010 Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Massive keylogger cache posted to

Google responds to privacy probe

‘Bug’ Sneaks Stealth Download into Microsoft Security Patch

Malware Leads to Breach of Student Data

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent

California Fines Five Hospitals For Failure To Protect Patient Data

Statement of fees 2009/2010 malware attack spammed out

TiS # 16 Today In Security Niko Depofi – Chris Pope

New issues with Adobe Flash, Google search links could compromise your [WoW] account

Microsoft finally fixes Pwn2Own browser flaw

A swarm of Safari security holes: Mac and Windows users told to update

Olympus apologises after shipping malware-laced cameras in Japan

Banks increase information security budgets as threats evolve

BP ‘manipulating search results’ on Google following oil spill

Ecuador Government Web Site Attack

Researchers: Poor password practices hurt security for all

TiS #15 Today In Security Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

QoTD on Aurora Attacks

OpenBitTorrent Tracker Returns After Hollywood Shutdown

Taiwanese phishermen rip off American troops and their families

Symantec Hosted Services’ Top 5 Security Threats

Facebook likejacking attacks continue with ‘Paramore n-a-k-ed photo leaked!’

Ex-call center operator pleads guilty to bank fraud

Microsoft bites back at Google’s Windows snub

Tis #14 Today In Security Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Microsoft staying silent over security patching

Windows Mobile Trojan frags gamers

Facebook: Screw You, Privacy Hugger

Cybersecurity Regulations Pass House

Threat Outbreak Alert: Fake Gusanito E-postcards E-mail Messages on May 31, 2010

Your favorite malware authors: Now on Twitter!

Cyber Thieves Rob Treasury Credit Union

Intego Security Alert: OSX/OpinionSpy Spyware Installed by Freely Distributed Mac Applications