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029 – Tale of the Foe – Space Quest Historian Podcast – S3E6

With a full-scale war with CyberCedric going on, the Historian has retreated to moderate safety in his laundry room to conduct what might be the last episode of anything ever. That is, until a hero appears! There is, however, still time to interview Tracey McCabe, Dave McCabe and Paul Conway of Spooky Doorway, creators of Darkside Detective. Also, more crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson, more music talk with Brandon Blume, James Mulvale and Ken Allen. Featuring the special guest voice of Josh Mandel as King Graham

028 – The Horror Unfolds – Space Quest Historian Podcast – S3E5

It’s deceptively calm around the Historian this time. We’ve got your usual input from Serena Nelson, crowdfunding expert of the adventure game heroes (or is that crowdfunding hero of the adventure game experts?), and another trip down memory lane with Jess ‘DecafJedi’ Morrissette about the early days of the Virtual Broomcloset and Space Quest fandom in the 90’s. And, last but certainly not least, we’ve got an interview with the creators of last year’s highly regarded — and the Historian’s own personal ‘Game of the Year’ of 2015 — indie horror adventure, Fran Bow, mr. and mrs. Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson of Killmonday Games! And then … uh, well. You’ll see.”

027 – The Linear Open World – Space Quest Historian Podcast – S3E4

Rumors of the Historian’s death were greatly exaggerated! After a brief unintentional hiatus, the show returns with more great crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson, more music talk with Ken Allen, Brandon Blume and James Mulvale, and more nonsense from Pete Toleman, who talks about his experiences making talkie CD-ROM’s this time. With a special guest interview with Jay Tholen, creator of Dropsy The Clown, and some quite harrowing news from CyberCedric

026 – Fall of the Language Barrier – Space Quest Historian Podcast – S3E3

Things come to a head between the Historian and the scourge of his laptop, CyberCedric. But despite Cedric gaining new powers, there’s still time to walk down memory lane with Jess Morrissette, get more crowdfunding tips from Serena Nelson, and listen to how Pete Toleman made it big in Communist Germany. Tonight’s special guest is Fabrice Breton of CowCat Games, creator of Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure, who talks about being funny in a second language, and making first-person adventure games that are nothing like Myst.

025 – Fourth Wall Demolition- Space Quest Historian Podcast – S3E2

Join the Historian on a tale of horror and monsters as he interviews Li Boar of Stuck In Attic Games, creators of the hand-animated horror/comedy game Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure … and also listens to more of Pete’s toe-cringing memoirs. But it’s not all ghouls and nightmares. There’s also music talk with three heavy-weights of the game music world: James Mulvale (IQ Adventures), Brandon Blume (Himalaya Studios), and Ken Allen (Sierra On-Line, and also more good tips on how to become a crowdfunding expert with Serena Nelson

024 – CyberShenanigans – Space Quest Historian Podcast – S3E1

The Space Quest Historian Podcast returns semi-triumphantly after a year of silence with a full third season of 12 episodes. In this first episode, the Historian tests his equipment to see what works (SteveBot and the Intergalactic HAM Radio), which leads to an unforeseen disastrous consequence. Also, Jess Morrissette and the Historian regales us with their favorite memories of the Space Quest fandom, Serena Nelson counts down her top 12 tips for crowdfunding an adventure game, Pete Toleman intrudes with cassette tapes of utter filth, and special guest interview victim James Dearden talks about his game Technobabylon and the evolution of the human race — you know, lighthearted stuff.

023 – Xmas Special: Hard Puzzles – Space Quest Historian Podcast

This episode starts out with an immediate interruption by Chris Pope the SpacePope to bring you good tidings of great joy with how things are going on the SpaceVenture project. And it’s that time of the year —  you all know what I’m talking about — the Space Quest Historian delves head-first into the pool of hard-ass, difficult-as-all-hell puzzles in a rant that, predictably, goes nowhere. Luckily, he’s not on his own, as Alan Luckachina steps up to deliver his own take on the subject in another phenominal bit of The Lucky Corner. Also on this show, you will find not one, but two impressive treats: Our music pal, Ken Allen, talks about music devices of old that never went anywhere, and the Historian plays his entire interview of Space Quest III composer Bob Siebenberg in its full, unedited glory! Merry whatever, ladies and janitors!

022 – Toleman Awakens – Space Quest Historian Podcast

The Space Quest Historian’s laptop has gone down in mysterious circumstances. Luckily, Pete Toleman was in the right place at the right time to take the mic and start spewing forth about Troels’ predicament. In amongst well-wishes from Frederik Olsen, Professor Jess and Chris Pope, guest producer Darren managed to keep Pete in check long enough to discuss arcade sequences in Space Quest games. Alan Luckachina gives us his views on the matter in The Lucky Corner. Plus, Brandon Blume has a musical gift waiting for the Space Quest Historian, and Pete hacks Troels’ phone to listen in on what Serena Nelson has to say about Priapic Mountain.

021 – Death In Space – Space Quest Historian Podcast

It’s that time of year again: the time for fastidious contemplation of our mortality and– nah, just kidding. It’s Halloween. So the topic for this podcast is DEATH. And who better to help us out than Liz “Jeysie” Calkins, proprietor of the Many Deaths Of Roger Wilco website!

Also on the program is an interview with James Broom (animator on Space Quest II VGA and writer for, a lengthy rant on previous topics by Alan Luckachina in his very own segment, a SpaceVenture update by the Space Pope himself, a trip into the bowels of ScumSoft with Mark Seibert and James Mulvale, and, of course, the latest chapter in Josh Henry’s ongoing fan fiction tale, The Quest For The Two Guys From Andromeda. Oh, and Pete Toleman’s gone off the deep end.

Check out Liz’s website The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco here:

020 – Bea Vs. Stellar- Space Quest Historian Podcast

Step into your careful boots and take a trepidatious trip into one of the most controversial topics of Space Quest fandom: Beatrice vs. Stellar? Which of Roger’s love interests do you prefer? We get to hear the true origins of Stellar’s character from Space Quest 6 designer Josh Mandel, as well as listener emails and the Historian’s own opinions on the matter.

There’s also more from the dysfunctional family of Priapic Mountain Games and their ongoing quest to create a haunted house simulator that somehow won’t suck, despite ardent attempts by its co-owner Pete Toleman. And, speaking of quests, settle in for chapter 8 of Josh Henry’s ongoing fan fiction tale, The Quest For The Two Guys From Andromeda. And we round off our musical endeavors by listening to an original piece for Arnoid The Annihilator by James Mulvale, as well as the final part of Ken Allen’s interview with Frank Klepacki.