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Developology #18: The Future of UI

Consider the following: Programming as pop culture. In this episode, we talk about current and future potential trends in human-computer interaction.

Developology #17: Knowledge Sharing

Consider the Following: The Pragmatic Programmer, and other essential programmer readings. Main topic: Knowledge sharing – how to do it, how not to do it, and how to make it most effective.

Developology #16: Development Methodologies

We’re talking about what development methodologies are, how they can be effective, and some specific examples.

Developology #15: Ellen Grove & LEGO Serious Play

This week we feature an interview with Ellen Grove about the problem solving tool known as LEGO Serious Play, and how it can be used in the software development world.

Developology #14.5: The one without the LEGO

The Internet weights the same as a strawberry, Details about the Flame virus, Google’s authentication system gets hacked.

Developology #14: Automated Testing

We feature the useful free courses available on iTunes U, and discuss how, when and why you should automate testing.

Developology #13: Brackets, Braces, Spaces & Tabs

This week we talk about our favourite tech April Fools jokes, and then we debate the merits of braces on the same or next line, tabs vs. spaces, and other important coding indentation issues.

Developology #12: Continuing Education

This week we talk about the what happens after you’re formal education – why you shouldn’t stop there, and what your options are.

Developology #11: Computer Science Education

This week we talk about the current computer science education systems, what it lacks, where it can improve, and why it’s important.

Developology #10: IDEs

Dennis Ritchie dies, Oracle kills the BEAST, Android developer conference, Flash for mobile slashed. Memento Pattern. We argue–err–discuss the differences between our preferred IDEs, compare features, what should be included in the “perfect IDE.”