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Charles Martinet on Tech Jives Interviews With Chris Pope(Actors, Producers, Authors and more)

Charles Martinet


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About Charles Martinet:

Charles Martinet (born September 17, 1955) is an American actor and voice actor, best known for providing the voice of Mario, the titular character in Nintendo’s flagship video game franchise. He has held this role since 1994, longer than any other actor. He also voices Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and a select few other characters from the same series. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and French, but very little Italian.

Working for Nintendo since 1994, Martinet started voicing Mario at video game trade shows in which attendees would walk up to a TV screen displaying a 3-D Mario head that moved around the screen and talked. This system was called “Mario in Real-Time” or “MIRT”. Martinet could see the attendees by means of a hidden camera setup, and a facial motion capture rig recorded his mouth movements in order to synchronize Martinet’s mouth movement with the on-screen Mario mouth movement. This digital puppetry, with Martinet’s comic performance, was a novelty at the time.

Martinet was told by his friend that there was going to be an audition at a trade show in which you “talk to people as a plumber”. He went to the audition at the last minute as the casting directors were already putting away their equipment. Charles Martinet walked in and asked, “Can I please read for this?”. The directors let him audition and told him, “You’re an Italian plumber from Brooklyn”. At first Martinet planned to talk like a stereotypical Italian American with a deep, raspy voice (which is how Mario sounded in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World cartoons). He then thought to himself that it would be too harsh for children to hear, so he made it more soft-hearted and friendly, resulting in what Mario’s voice is today. Martinet has also stated that he kept on talking with his Mario voice until the audition tape ran out.[2]
Martinet’s video game voice over debut was as Mario in the 1995 Windows release of Interplay’s game Mario’s FUNdamentals. However, most were first exposed to Mario’s voice in the landmark 1996 game Super Mario 64. He has voiced Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Metal Mario, Shadow Mario, Donkey Kong,[3]MC Ballyhoo, Mini-Mario Toy, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Baby Wario in most games wherein these characters speak. He also voiced the enemies Wart, Mouser, Tryclyde, and Clawgrip in Super Mario Advance. His voice work appears in the English and Japanese-language versions of the games, although his work is always in English (regardless of the Italian references whenever he voices Mario and related characters).

Martinet provided voiceover acting for the boxers and the announcer in the Super NES title Super Punch-Out!!. He voiced the character Vigoro in Sega’s Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube role-playing video game, Skies of Arcadia. He did the voice of Homunculus in the Konami PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows game Shadow of Destiny, and provided voices for Reader Rabbit and The ClueFinders games.
In addition to videogame voice overs, Martinet has worked as a voice actor in commercials, cartoons, and promotions. At the E3 trade show in 2005, Charles (as an Animal Crossing character) could be found roaming the virtual village featured in the playable demo of Animal Crossing: Wild World. Martinet did Mario’s voice as the voice announcer for Pac-Man Vs. on the Nintendo GameCube.
Other than the Mario series, Charles has also done work for the video game Cel Damage as the voice of Fowl Mouth, as well as the primary voice work in several educational game series such as LeapFrog. He also voiced the dragon Paarthurnax in the 2011 video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and narrated the cutscenes and menus for the 2013 video game “Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien”.

Dameon Clarke on Tech Jives Interviews With Chris Pope(Actors, Producers, Authors and more)

Dameon Clarke


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Born in Mississauga Ontario Canada, Dameon Clarke has had a long and interesting career in acting. Starting at an early age, Dameon has played a variety of dynamic characters from family man to serial killer and has picked up several best actor awards along the way. Dameon is perhaps best known for his appearances in shows like “24″, “Castle”, “Supernatural” and “Prison Break” as well as films “I Love you Philip Morris” and “How to be a Serial Killer.” In addition to film and television roles, Dameon is known for his voiceover work in countless animated series and video games, notably Dragon Ball Z and Borderlands 2 as the villainous “Handsome Jack.”

Credits (Taken from

2013An Evening with My Comatose Mother (rumored) (in production)

2012Borderlands 2 (Video Game)
Handsome Jack (voice)

2012Hawken (video short)

2012Street Fighter X Tekken (Video Game)
Rolento F. Schugerg (voice: English version) (as Alan Smithe)

2012Drew Peterson: Untouchable (TV movie)
State Detective Franklin

2012The Bystander Theory
Jason Kilgore

2011Who the F Is Buddy Applebaum
Tom Stevens

2010-2011Dragon Ball Z Kai (TV series)

– Bring Peace to the Future! Goku’s Spirit is Eternal (2011) … Cell (voice: English version) (as Dartanian Nickelback)
– Combine Our Power! The Mightiest, Final Kamehameha (2011) … Cell (voice: English version) (as Dartanian Nickelback)
– Bye-Bye Everyone! This Is the Only Way to Save the Earth (2011) … Cell (voice: English version) (as Dartanian Nickelback)
– The Perfect Form Breaks Down! This is the Super Iron Fist of Rage (2011) … Cell (voice: English version) (as Dartanian Nickelback)
– Fighting Spirit Free from Hesitation! Gohan Pulverizes the Cell Juniors (2011) … Cell (voice: English version) (as Dartanian Nickelback)
2011Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Video Game)
Nathan Spencer (voice: English version)

2010Make It or Break It (TV series)
Committee Chairman

– At the Edge of the Worlds (2010) … Committee Chairman
2010Castle (TV series)
Scott Dunn

– Boom! (2010) … Scott Dunn
– Tick, Tick, Tick… (2010) … Scott Dunn (uncredited)
2010NCIS: Los Angeles (TV series)
Gage Jenson

– LD50 (2010) … Gage Jenson
2009CSI: NY (TV series)
Aaron Dexter

– Blacklist (Featuring Grave Digger) (2009) … Aaron Dexter
2009DragonBall: Revenge of King Piccolo (Video Game)
Bora (voice: English version) / Tambourine (voice: English version)

2009Raising the Bar (TV series)
Sean Lusik

– No Child’s Left Behind (2009) … Sean Lusik
2009CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series)
Scott Tucker

– Deep Fried and Minty Fresh (2009) … Scott Tucker
2009I Love You Phillip Morris
Houston Lawyer

200924 (TV series)
Alan Tanner

2008The Last Remnant (Video Game)
Young (voice)

2008How to Be a Serial Killer
Mike Wilson

2008Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version)

2008Supernatural (TV series)
Jack Montgomery

– Metamorphosis (2008) … Jack Montgomery
2008Prison Break (TV series)
Andrew Blauner

– Blow Out (2008) … Andrew Blauner
– Safe and Sound (2008) … Andrew Blauner
2008Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal (TV movie)
Coach Adam Reeve

2008Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version)

2008Army of Two (Video Game)
US Grunt (voice)

2007Dragonball Z: Budokai tenkaichi 3 (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version) / Tambourine (voice: English version)

2007Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai – Another Road (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version)

2007What About Brian (TV series)

2007Without a Trace (TV series)
Kelsey Stewart

– Eating Away (2007) … Kelsey Stewart
2007Dark Awakening (video)

2006Dawn of Mana (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice: English version) (uncredited)

2006Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! NEO (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version)

2006Ergo Proxy (TV series)
Proxy One

– Dairinin (2006) … Proxy One (voice: English version)
– Shikkoku (2006) … Proxy One (voice: English version)
2006Super Dragon Ball Z (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version)

2006Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (Video Game)
Arngrim (voice: English version) (uncredited)

2006A Scanner Darkly

2006Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version)

2006CSI: Miami (TV series)
Wayne Reynolds

– The Score (2006) … Wayne Reynolds
2005Criminal Minds (TV series)
Chris Crawford

– The Fox (2005) … Chris Crawford
2005Sole Possessions (short)

2005Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version)

2005Kamichu! (TV series)
Agent / Neko Modoki

2005The Prodigy

2005Indefinitely (short)
Jay Hossela

2005Spikeout: Battlestreet (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice: English version)

2005Dragon Ball Z: Sagas (Video Game)
Cell (voice) / Cell Jr. (voice)

2005Girls Bravo (TV series)
Ebi / Event Staff

– Bravo at Mahjong! (2005) … Ebi (voice: English version)
– Bravo at the Part-time Job! (2005) … Event Staff (voice: English version)
2005Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict (Video Game)
Anubis (voice)

2004-2005Dragon Ball GT (TV series)
Cell / Popell

– A Devastating Wish (2005) … Popell (voice: English version)
– Until We Meet Again… (2005) … Cell (voice: English version)
– 17 Times 2 (2004) … Cell (voice: English version)
– The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza (2004) … Cell (voice: English version)
– A Dangerous Union (2004) … Cell (voice: English version)
2004Life by the Drop (short)
Older Lucas (voice)

2004Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir (Video Game)
Scar (voice: English version)

2004LAX (TV series)
Jim, Bomb Squad Member

– Pilot (2004) … Jim, Bomb Squad Member

1993-2004Yû yû hakusho (TV series)
Younger Toguro / Additional Voices

– Toguro’s Wish (2004) … Younger Toguro (voice: English version)
– Love and War (2004) … Younger Toguro (voice: English version)
– Toguro’s Desire (2004) … Younger Toguro (voice: English version)
– Yusuke’s Despair (2004) … Younger Toguro (voice: English version)
– Toguro’s Full Power (2004) … Younger Toguro (voice: English version)
2003-2004Third Watch (TV series)
Anti-Crime One / Estrada

– Monsters (2004) … Anti-Crime One (as Damion Clarke)
– In Confidence (2003) … Estrada
2004The Alamo
Mr. Jones

2003-2004Fullmetal Alchemist (TV series)

– Tsukurareta ningen (2004) … Scar (voice: English version)
– Akai kagayaki (2004) … Scar (voice: English version)
– Shinjitsu no oku no oku (2004) … Scar (voice: English version)
– Marukô nôto (2004) … Scar (voice: English version)
– Ushinawareta mono (2004) … Scar (voice: English version)
2003-2004Gunslinger Girl (TV series)

– Stella Cadente (2004) … Hilshire (voice: English version)
– Bambola (2003) … Hilshire (voice: English version)
2004Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version)

2004Bloodrayne 2 (Video Game)
Zerenski/Minions (voice)

2003-2004The Galaxy Railways (TV series)
President Drake

– Bond (2004) … President Drake (voice: English version)
– Fate Train (2003) … President Drake (voice: English version)
2003Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version)

2003Saving Jessica Lynch (TV movie)
Ranger Harper

2003Quiet Desperation (short)
Clyde Calloway

2003Roadkill (Video Game)
Slade/Additional Voices (voice)

2001-2003Dragon Ball (TV series)
Tambourine / Bora

– Goku vs. King Piccolo (2003) … Tambourine (voice: English version)
– Goku’s Revenge (2003) … Tambourine (voice: English version)
– Tien’s Atonement (2003) … Tambourine (voice: English version)
– Terrible Tambourine (2003) … Tambourine (voice: English version)
– Here Comes Yajirobe (2003) … Tambourine (voice: English version)
2003Secondhand Lions
Animal Truck Driver

1999-2003Dragon Ball Z (TV series)
Cell / South Kai / Adult Gohan / …

– Spirit Bomb Triumphant (2003) … Cell (voice: English version)
– People of Earth Unite (2003) … Bora (voice: English version)
– Call to Action (2003) … Cell (voice: English version)
– Vegeta’s Respect (2003) … Cell (voice: English version)
– The World Tournament (2001) … Cell (voice: English version)
2002Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (Video Game)
Cell (voice: English version)

2002Kiddy Grade (TV series)

2002The President’s Man: A Line in the Sand (TV movie)
Andy Shelby

2002Bloodrayne (Video Game) (voice)

2001Fruits Basket (TV series)
Kazuma Sohma

– Let’s Go Home (2001) … Kazuma Sohma (voice: English version)
– True Form (2001) … Kazuma Sohma (voice: English version)
– The Curse of the Cat (2001) … Kazuma Sohma (voice: English version)
2001Hall of Mirrors
Agent Riley

2000Walker, Texas Ranger (TV series)

– Turning Point (2000) … Co-Pilot
2000The Mecca (short)

2000Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr (Video Game)
Ken/Editor/Hale Cooper (voice)

1999-2000Blue Gender (TV series)
Dice Quaid / Ted / Additional Voices

– Adagio (2000) … Ted (voice: English version)
– Collapse (2000) … Additional Voices (voice: English version)
– Let Me (2000) … Ted (voice: English version)
– Confirm (1999) … Dice Quaid (voice: English version)
– Oasis (1999) … Dice Quaid (voice: English version)
2000House of the Generals

1996-1998Detective Conan (TV series)
George Kaminski / Inspector Worthington / Additional Voices / …

– Kogoro’s Date Murder Case (1998) … George Kaminski (voice: English version)
– Hospitalized Burgulary Suspect Case (1998) … George Kaminski (voice: English version)
– The Kidnapping Location Case (1998) … George Kaminski (voice: English version) / Lily’s Father (voice: English version)
– The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case: Part 2 (1997) … George Kaminski (voice: English version)
– The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case: Part 1 (1997) … George Kaminski (voice: English version)
1997Dragon Ball GT (TV series)

– The Ultimate Artificial Human! The Two No. 17′s Unite (1997) … Cell (voice: English version)
– Demon-Warriors of Hell! Cell & Freeza Revived (1997) … Cell (voice: English version)
– Die, Goku!! Strong Enemies Are Resurrected from Hell (1997) … Cell (voice: English version)
1997Detective Conan: Skyscraper on a Timer
George Kaminski (voice: English version)

1989-1995Dragon Ball Z (TV series)
Cell / Boon’s Dad / Bora / …

– A Last Hope!! We’ll Make a Huge Genki-dama (1995) … Cell (voice: English version)
– The Awesome Guy from the Next World (1993) … Cell (voice: English version)
– End It All Again!! I Will Protect the Future (1993) … Cell (voice: English version)
– I Will Carry on in the Next World!! Farewell with a Smile (1993) … Cell (voice: English version)
– The Fight Is Over… Thank You Son Goku (1993) … Cell (voice: English version)
1995Lupin III: Die, Nostradamus
Chris, Phillip (voice: English version)

1995Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn
South Kai (voice: English version) / Arqua (voice: English version) / Skull Man (voice: English version)

1993Lupin III: Voyage to Danger (TV movie)
Keith Hayden (voice: English version)

1993Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound
Producer (voice: English version)

1993Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan
Paragus (voice: English version)

1993Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks (TV movie)
Gohan (voice: English version)

1990Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku (TV movie)
Demetrious (voice: English version)

1988Doragon bôru: Makafushigi dai bôken
Bora (voice: English version)

1986-1988Dragonball (TV series)
Tambourine / Additional Voices / Bear Thief

– Son Goku vs. Demon Lord Piccolo (1988) … Tambourine (voice: English version)
– Demon Lord Piccolo Lands (1988) … Tambourine (voice: English version)
– Son Goku’s Fury Explodes (1988) … Tambourine (voice: English version)
– Demonical Beast! The Coming of Tambarin (1988) … Tambourine (voice: English version)
– Yajirobe, a Jolly Good Fellow (1988) … Tambourine (voice: English version)
1985Blackout (TV movie)
Battered Child

1984Secrets of a Married Man (TV movie)

Lynn Andrews on Tech Jives Interviews With Chris Pope(Actors, Producers, Authors and more)

Lynn Andrews


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Cas Anvar on Tech Jives Interviews With Chris Pope(Actors, Producers, Authors and more)

Cas Anvar talks with Chris Pope

Chris Pope talks with actor Cas Anvar on this episode!


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Cas Anvar’s Bio:

Cas Anvar was born in, Canada, raised in Quebec and graduated from Montreal’s prestigious National Theatre School (Canada’s Juilliard). This versatile and exciting actor has performed in over 60 major roles in both film and television.

Most recently Cas is shooting on location in Croatia playing the world renowned boyfriend of Princess Diana Dodi Fayed opposite Naomi Watts in the highly anticipated Lady Diana film Diana formerly known as Caught in Flight.

Cas has been enjoying fame in the VIDEO GAMING and voice circuit as the voice of ALTAIR in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations as well as substantial roles in several of the largest games in the world. He will be doing Altair Game signings in Nottingham for the release of AC3 on October 31, 2012.

His European Debut came with his role of Kamel in AIR FORCE ONE IS DOWN, a 4-hour Mini series shot in Luxembourg, slated to air in the next 6 months, where Cas was delighted to play something a little outside his normal casting as the US Air force Sgt responsible for tracking down the president’s plane after a highjacking.

He was thrilled to be starring with Rhys Ivans, Anna Friel, Bob Hoskins and Charles Dance in the SYFY event NEVERLAND. This epic fantasy adventure playing the swashbuckling, hilariously nasty pirate foil to Hook was one of the highlights of his career.

Earlier this year he was working opposite Ben Affleck in the historical action thriller ARGO and recently was seen on USA network as the Guest lead on IN PLAIN SIGHT and on TNT in an episode of LEVERAGE.

Cas was had a blast to punching it out with Jake Gyllenhaal in the Duncan Jones’ SciFi adventure SOURCE CODE.

Cas has also been seen in the suspense thriller THE FACTORY opposite John Cusak in early 2012.

Cas appeared opposite Naveen Andrews in the final season of LOST playing Sayid’s brother. As well as being in the SYFY mini series THE PHANTOM playing the psychotic and nefarious Raahtib Singh for which he was nominated for an ACTRA AWARD for outstanding performance by a male lead.

Previously he appeared opposite William Shatner, James Spader and Candice Bergen in the hit series BOSTON LEGAL and opposite fellow Canadian Keifer Sutherland, on 24.

He was delighted to work opposite Mark Harmon on the hit CBS show N.C.I.S., in David Mamet’s CBS action series The Unit, and guest starring in the exciting NBC series E-Ring opposite Benjamin Bratt and MEDIUM opposite Patricia Arquette.

Anvar also starred in lead roles for the WB feature film SUBLIME and the BBC/Discovery miniseries SUPERSTORM for which he earned a prestigious ACTRA nomination for BEST ACTOR. And was honored to work opposite Christopher Plummer in the acclaimed film AGENT OF INFLUENCE.

Canadian audiences may recognize Cas as the arrogant Dr Singh from the CBC’s critically acclaimed mock-u-mentary series about obsessive hockey parents who live vicariously through their kids, THE TOURNAMENT ( for which he was nominated for 2 GEMINI awards for BEST ENSSEMBLE CAST).

Anvar first came to popular attention In the Cruise/Wagner film SHATTERED GLASS, Anvar portrayed Kambiz Foroohar, a moral force who unmasks the fraudulent reporter Stephen Glass, played by Hayden Christensen. Widely acclaimed on the festival circuit, SHATTERED GLASS premiered at the prestigious Telluride Film Festival, followed by the Toronto International Film Festival, with a general public opening in New York. The film was nominated for 4 Spirit Awards and 1 Golden Globe.

His extensive list of credits include Steven Spielberg’s THE TERMINAL opposite Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta Jones and Stanley Tucci.

An accomplished stage actor, Anvar has played countless leading roles in Shakespeare’s most famous plays. He has also directed many of the Bard’s works.

Anvar respected as the Founding Artistic Director for over 18 years of the acclaimed Shakespeare-in-the-Park touring company, Repercussion Theatre. The only touring Shakespeare In The Park troupe in the world. With innovative, visually dynamic, totally accessible productions and a truly impressive ability to mount, perform and dismantle a Shakespearean play in a day, the company tours extensively across eastern Canada and all through the U.S. as far south as Texas.

The fluently trilingual (English, French and Farci) Anvar, who credits part of his wide-ranging creativity to his exotic cultural and spiritual heritage, is a recipient of the Carla Napier Award for Achievement in the Montréal Theatre community as well as Alliance Quebec’s Youth Achievement Award for accomplishments in the Arts.

Also an emerging film and television director and producer, Anvar is currently actively developing several film and TV projects including a teen action/fantasy series which has been optioned by RHI. He spends his time between Canada and L.A.

Dave Fennoy on Tech Jives Interviews With Chris Pope(Actors, Producers, Authors and more)

Dave Fennoy


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Dave Fennoy’s Bio:

Dave Fennoy has been a preeminent voice working in Los Angeles since 1990 and one of the most versatile voices in the industry providing voices for Commercials, Narrations, TV Promos, Award Shows, Animation and Games.

Lately he is known by 30+ million Hulu viewers as “The Hulu Guy”, the omnipresent voice of HULU.COM. His promo clients over the years include ABC, The WB, Fox, CBS, Showtime, Starz, ESPN, The Disney Channel and TV One. His campaign spokesvoice credits include Lexus, McDonalds, Corona Beer, KFC, Toyota, Chrysler, and ATT, Time Life Music R&B/Gospel and Southern Company. Gamers enjoy his work on STARCRAFT II, Metal Gear, That’s So Raven, Ultimate Spiderman, Delta Force, Star Wars, Laura Croft Tomb Raider, and many others.

Narration credits include programs for National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Science Channel’s popular series, “When Earth Erupts”. His various film voices include “Ghost Rider”, “Happy Feet”,and “King’s Ransom”, and he has proved a cartoon favorite in such series as The LeBrons, Kim Possible, Ben 10, Darkwing Duck, New Kids on the Block, Pro Stars, Johnny Quest and Sonic the Hedgehog. Dave has been the show voice for several TV and Award shows, among them Late Night with Gregg Kinnear, The Billboard Music Awards, The Teen Choice Awards, Cedric the Entertainer Presents, and for the past 15 years The NAACP Image Awards.
Mr. Fennoy is a sought-after VO instructor, and the subject of a chapter in the book “Secrets of Voice Over Success” by Joan Baker.

Steve Downes(voice of Master Chief from Halo) on Tech Jives Interviews With Chris Pope(Actors, Producers, Authors and more)

Steve Downes interviews with Chris Pope

Join Chris Pope as he interviews Steve Downes on this audio podcast!

Bio for Steve Downes:

Steve Downes is an American DJ and voice actor. He is best known for his work as the voice of Master Chief in the popular Halo video game series. He worked as a disc jockey at Los Angeles, California, Album-oriented Rock radio stations KWST (1978-1981), KEZY-AM (1981-1982) and KLSX (1994), but is best remembered working evening drive at KLOS from 1982 to 1991. He frequently hosted the live call-in talk show, Rockline in the early 90s. Most recently, he works as the morning show host for 97.1 WDRV “The Drive” in Chicago, Illinois. Downes also hosts the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Classics”.


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Athena Karkanis on Tech Jives Interviews With Chris Pope(Actors, Producers, Authors and more)

Join Chris Pope as he interviews Athena Karkanis on this audio podcast!

Bio for Athena:

Canadian actress Athena Karkanis began her professional career in acting in 2003 with an episode on the “Chappelle’s Show” (2003). Since that time, Athena has an extensive career in film, television and voice acting. Her credits include the Canadian teen drama “The Best Years” (2007), “The Border” (2008), and “Wild Kratts” (2011). Athena also had a recurring role in the “Saw” movie saga, particularly Saw IV (2007) and Saw VI (2009). During the course of 2011-2012, Athena found work on the supernatural series “Lost Girl” (2010) and contributed voice-work for video games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011) (VG) and Diablo III (2012) (VG).


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Chris Pope talks with one of Ellen McLain’s most hardcore fans, Samantha Skinner

Chris Pope, producer of the Tech Jives Network and Social Media Publicist will be interviewing one of Ellen McLain’s(Voice of GLaDOS from Portal 1 and 2) biggest fans.

When: Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 at 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Where: LIVE at this link

 Message from Chris Pope:

I would like to personally invite everyone to listen to this talk I’m having with Samantha. We all know what it is like to be a fan of someone or something we love or admire, yet not everyone has the guts to do what this amazing girl has done, such as really put ourselves out there for the world to see.

I get insane amounts of fan mail to go through all week long for Ellen, as you can imagine it can get tedious at times. Part of what I do for my clients like Ellen is sort through mail involving  fans, trolls, and spam. Ellen gets very little troll mail, but tons of spam and tons of fan mail. Lots of fan made videos, lots of fan made audio, pictures, you name it, I’ve probably seen it/heard it, but Samantha put together a video in which she opens up her heart and really speaks to not just Ellen, but all of the fans out there. I know for me personally, it reminded me what it is like to be a fan of someone/something.

When is the last time you opened yourself up and exposed yourself to something you loved or admired? I think we can all learn something from this young beautiful canadian fan girl, don’t you?

Come have a live listen and chat with Samantha and I on Wednesday!


America Young interviewed by Chris Pope of and

That’s right people, your questions answered by America right here! 

Some of the things discussed:

  • America’s current dept problem
  • How America got into this mess
  • Actual inspiration from America
  • Tips on dog barking while talking all at once
  • and much much more!

Still here after all that crap I just wrote? Okay awesome! Well here is the real deal…

Chris Pope had a nice hour long chat with Film Actress, Voice Actress, Producer, Director, Stunt Chick and all around nice person America Young last night(11/25/11).



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Learn more about America Young at

Learn more about Chris Pope at

Some of the projects America has been involved in.

Lost on Purpose (post-production)
2011Girls! Girls! Girls! (completed)
2010The Aftermath: A 2012 Story (video short) (completed)
2011Geek Therapy (TV series)
Geek Counselor
2011Goodnight Burbank (TV series)
Holly Johnson

– The Casting Couch (2011) … Holly Johnson
– Lesbians on Acid (2011) … Holly Johnson
– Demon Seed (2011) … Holly Johnson
– The Phantom of the Garage (2011) … Holly Johnson
– Car Quake (2011) … Holly Johnson
2011Dead Space 2 (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice)
2011The Middle. (TV series)
Gap Manager

– The Big Chill (2011) … Gap Manager
2011A Hidden Agender (short)
Dr. Malco
2010Abandoned (video)
2010-2011First Edition (TV series)
Lori Banks

– Double Trouble (2010) … Lori Banks
– Mystique (2010) … Lori Banks
– The Muscle (2010) … Lori Banks
– Origins (2010) … Lori Banks
– A Quest … Lori Banks
2010/IMia (short)
2010The Binds That Tie Us (short)
Jocelyn – Joyanne’s Daughter
2010Stalker Chronicles (TV series)

– Return to Sender (2010) … Gladys
2010The Dead Undead
Erin O’Dowell
2010The Steamroom
Fantasy Girl
2010Cruelle to be Kind (short)
2009Damsels and Dragons (TV series)
The Monster

– Reunited (2009) … The Monster
– The Next Journey (2009) … The Monster
– The Battle (2009) … The Monster
– The Creature (2009) … The Monster
– The Standoff (2009) … The Monster
2009Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (Video Game)
Dagger (voice) (as Danielle Young)
2009Mugging (short)
2009Catherine & Annie (TV movie)
Maria (Ep9)
2009The Romantic Foibles of Esteban (TV series)

– Yoked (2009) … Emily (unconfirmed)
2009/IApril Showers
Reporter #3
2009Freshmyn (short)
2008Tinker Bell (video)
Wendy Darling (voice)
2008Hackett (TV movie)
2008Bundy: An American Icon (video)
Georgeann Hawkins
2007The Don of Virgil Jr. High (short)
News Reporter
2007Ultimate Weapon (short)
Serena Parnet
2007The Long Way Back (short)
2006Point of Contact
2006Daños del amor (short)
2006Trollz (TV series)

– The Great Race (2006) … Shale
2005Promtroversy (short)
2005Evil’s City (video)
Misty (as Danielle America Young)
Barbara Fugate
2004Thomas Grey’s Rainy Day (short)
Office Worker (as Danielle Young)
2004Great Lengths (short)
2004Toi and Poochie
2003The Archies in Jugman (video)
Betty Cooper (voice) (as Danielle Young)
2003Time Kid (TV movie)
Lira (voice) (as Danielle Young)
1999Archie’s Weird Mysteries (TV series)
Betty Cooper

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