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Steffie Lucchesi on Alicyn’s Wonderland – Podcast #10

Annie-Award nominated editor, STEFFIE LUCCHESI, discusses her career in post-production for animation. Hear about her evolution from being a rockstar drummer to a rockstar editor on her varied shows, from “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” to “Dan Vs.”

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Dan Mandel on Alicyn’s Wonderland – Podcast #9

DAN MANDEL, creator, writer, actor and co-executive producer of the Hub’s Emmy-Award winning show, “Dan Vs” talks about the process of creating and pitching a animated show for the first time. We discuss the power of actor’s creating their own content and his personal story of developing the series with co-creator Chris Pearson. Check it out!

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David Shair on Alicyn’s Wonderland – Podcast #8

David Shair is a Storyboard Revisionist on Disney’s “Fish Hooks.” Just what does a Storyboard Revisionist do, you ask? Come on in and join us for a discussion about animation production from start to finish. Dave totally breaks down the process from the perspective of a storyboard artist and gives our listeners the inside scoop on breaking into animation. I learned a TON and I hope you do too!

Additional Links:
Animation Guild:
Download the “Fish Hooks” episode David Wrote, “Spoiler Alert”:
Hear David’s voice in the episode “Fish Flakes” (Episode #7):

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Bill Ratner on Alicyn’s Wonderland – Podcast #7

Remember Flint from the original GI Joe? Yep, that’s right, we persuaded voice over artist and award-winning storyteller Bill Ratner to sit down with us and chat about 80’s cartoons, good ol’ fashion broadcasting, and the upcoming book from this multi-hypenate storyteller-author-omni-present voice. 

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Eric Calderon on Alicyn’s Wonderland – Podcast #6

From “Celebrity Death Match” to “Afro Samurai” Eric Calderon is a true animation success story; taking it from the mailroom to head of development in just six short years.  Impressed? We are too. Listen in as we sit down with this multi-hyphenate animation development executive, producer, writer and director to discuss the skills necessary to make it as an animation producer.

Candi Milo on Alicyn’s Wonderland – Podcast #5

VO goddess Candi Milo’s work spans nearly three decades of excellent tv animation, from Dexter, to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends to the current Planet Sheen. Listen in as Candi candily discusses comedy  in voice acting, her career as a stand up comedienne and the need to promote women in animation.

Candi samples some of her amazing vocal talents for our listeners and discusses her teaching and how to get started as a voice over artist.

David Steinberg on Alicyn’s Wonderland – Podcast #4

A Yale-educated attorney leaves his stable East Coast job to follow his dreams of becoming a successful Hollywood screenwriter.

Sound like the tagline to a great film? It’s the real life story of writer David H. Steinberg who penned the Dreamworks animated feature “Puss in Boots,” as well as many live action flicks including “Slackers,” “American Pie 2,” and “National Lampoon’s Barely Legal” and a newly released novel, “Last Stop This Town.”

Mitch Watson on Alicyn’s Wonderland – Podcast #3

Producer/writer Mitch Watson has worked on shows like “Pinky and the Brain,” “Ben 10” “Tak and the Power of Juju” and the highly acclaimed new “Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated.” We discuss the difference between producing and writing for animation, and hear about his brand new project for WB “Beware the Batman” with a projected release date of 2013 which is going to be AMAZING!

Breaking into writing for animation is no easy task, but Mitch has succeeded and shares his insight with the IAW audience in a candid matter as we share a beer at a restaurant in LA. Check it out!

Debi DerryBerry on Alicyn’s Wonderland – Podcast #2

Today’s podcast features the multi-talented Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron, Speedy Alka Seltzer, Monster High, Zatch Bell, etc.) as we discuss her lengthy career in animation. In addition to Debi’s work as a voice artist, she has an equally impressive career as a musician with three albums of  award-winning children’s music.

Jason Marsden on Alicyn’s Wonderland – Podcast #1

Welcome to the first official podcast version of “Inside Alicyn”s Wonderland.” Today’s guest, Jason Marsden, is one of the most prolific voice actor’s working today. With a career spanning more than 25 years, Jason has voiced characters in thousands of projects, from “Gummi Bears” to “G.I. Joe” to the new “Transformers: Rescue Bots” on The Hub. Jason and I chat about everything from how he got his start in Hollywood, to his new web series “Space Guys in Space” to how being a dad has influenced his voice acting.