About Amy

Amy Elk Amy Elk is a professional voice actress, and software developer from Atlanta, GA. She has two small children, and a full time job, and still finds time to audition AND produce a podcast, which makes us wonder if she has a TARDIS hidden in her closet. Yes, she is, in fact, a geek as well. Amy’s Voice Over training includes classes at the Alliance Theatre, instructed by industry veteran, Paul Armbruster, and yourAct studios in Atlanta, GA. Under the expert instruction of Della Cole, a seasoned voice actress with over 30 years experience as both an actress and an agent, Amy grew as an actress and a voice over talent. She continues to sharpen her skills and is constantly working hard to provide the best possible voiceovers in the business. She is now proudly represented by People Store, and works both in local studios and out of her home studio. Her work can be heard on several different podcasts in the form of bumpers and long form narrations. Check out AppSlappy, Podcastle, and Radio Free Burrito, to hear bumpers and narrations by Amy, as well as Amy's own podcast, Drawer Full of Dreams, to hear her daily musings on her journey as a Voice Actress, a working mom, and a geek. Follow Amy on twitter at twitter.com/AmyElkVO, or check out her website at http://amyelk.com. Other random, arguably interesting facts about me:

  • I have 2 kids, ages 5(boy) and 3(girl).
  • By day, I work in software. I’m a .NET and SQL developer for a large point of sale manufacturer, which basically means I write software for cash registers.
  • I have been a big geek ever since I saw Star Wars as a kid.
  • Before I had kids, I played lots of D&D, and card games like Magic, although I was much better at role playing than strategy…thus now I’m an actor!
  • I love Sci-Fi and fantasy.
  • I have a somewhat freakish knowledge of The Muppets. I’ve always been a big Muppet fan, and I amaze even my puppeteer friends (oh, yes did I mention that I have puppeteer friends?) with my obscure Muppet trivia knowledge.
  • When I’m not acting, or playing with my kids, cycling is what feeds my soul. I hop on a bike at the gym and suddenly feel I can do anything.
  • My favorite shoes are my blue Converse sneakers.

About Justin

     Justin Laura As a child, growing up on a farm with protective parents made Justin into the person he is today.  Keeping secrets was never easy, but as his powers developed Justin knew that he would have to keep his secret in order to protect those close to him.  Justin’s adoptive parents would soon realize the powers that he possessed at an early age and would guide him and give him the wisdom needed to carry such an important secret.  With Justin’s only weakness being a severe allergy to green meteor rocks and brunettes with names that start with the letter “L,” he completed high school and college with ease while protecting the earth from enemies both foreign and domestic.  Justin is now a mild mannered reporter with the local newspaper and continues to protect the planet to this very day … yeah, that sounds about right.  "The AppTastic J"Reality check, so about the real Justin Laura… He was born in South Florida where he lived for a brief time.  Along with his biological parents (not from the House of El) and only sibling at the time, his family moved up to good ol’ Powder Springs, Georgia… he lived in Powder Springs for over 15 years.  After obtaining a bachelors degree from Kennesaw State University, Justin accepted his first job out of college working for a Real Estate Law Firm in Alpharetta, Georgia.  It was around that time that he married his college sweetheart.  The two would purchase their first house in Paulding County and adopt many animals... a few too many.  Justin was introduced to CED Solutions in 2006, and he is currently learning the ways of a Network Administrator.  Prior to CED Solutions, Justin had been known to show geek like tendencies, now it appears to be a way of life.  Throughout a majority of his life, video games have almost always played some sort of role.  While in Florida, memories of playing Pole Position on his Uncle Ray’s computer are literally hard wired into his mind as that was only time he was able to play games.  It was around that time also that he was introduced to the TI-99 and games such as Munch Man, Tombstone City and TI Invaders (which was a favorite!).  After the move to Georgia, there were a few years where the only console in the house was an Atari 2600 that ...

About Chris

Born a child prodigy and possessing a genius intellect and an eidetic memory, Chris got a perfect score on the SAT at the age of six. He completed high school in nine weeks, graduated from Princeton University at age 10, and finished medical school four years later. At age 14, he was the youngest licensed doctor in the country... holdup, I think I've gotten my facts mixed up with Doogie Howser... Everything is true except the memory, the SAT score, the part about Princeton and the stuff involving being a doctor! So heres the real story...maybe... John Christopher Pope(Yeah, that's right, John Pope!, Pope jokes incoming!) was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia and can speak fluently in Southern English, Advanced Red Neck, Trailoparc Mechanospeech, and last but not least, binary! WARNING: Its important to understand that Chris has self proclaimed MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder) in which while dealing with him you may come in contact with one or more of the following:

  • BS Chris(Be advised that this is the personality that is writing a good portion of this bio)
  • Politician Chris(He'll never commit to anything!)
  • Therapist Chris(There to hold and pat you when you're down...maybe)
  • PMA Chris(Not PMS, but PMA-Positive Mental Atitude, here to movitivate you, or pass you to beat down Chris when he can't)
  • Beat Down Chris(Often carries Single Mode Fiber optic cable around with him to keep students in check)
  • Pimp Daddy Chris(Known as "Sexah White Chocolate" by the ladies in his office..don't ask)
  • Used Car Salesman Chris(But wait theres more... however, thats enough personalities for now)
Chris was enthused with computers from the first moment his dad introduced him to the Atari. Video games were originally the driving force that got him involved into the techie geeky world of the computer field. Once the IBM compatibility world hit, he got a 286 and started playing computer games by Sierra On-line(R.I.P.) and was introduced to games such as Kings Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, and yes, Leisure Suit Larry :p In the late 80s early 90s Chris got heavily into BBSing(Bulletin Board Systems, this is what we had before Al Gore invented the internet) and even became a SysOp himself and ran one using a free BBS software known as Renegade. The BBS featured a forum system, online games, and even an Elite section where downloads could be found that included software that uhmm... well... software that was copyrighted. After ...