Jason Marsden – Podcast #1

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Welcome to the first official podcast version of “Inside Alicyn”s Wonderland.” Today’s guest, Jason Marsden, is one of the most prolific voice actor’s working today. With a career spanning more than 25 years, Jason has voiced characters in thousands of projects, from “Gummi Bears” to “G.I. Joe” to the new “Transformers: Rescue Bots” on The Hub.

Jason and I chat about everything from how he got his start in Hollywood, to his new web series “Space Guys in Space” to how being a dad has influenced his voice acting.

Check out Jason’s new web series he stars in: http://www.spaceguysinspace.com/ 

Connect with Jason on Facebook:

Visit Jason’s website here:

Please, please pardon the inconsistent audio! I got it sorted out for our next episode with Debi Derryberry:)

Thanks for listening! Feel free to comment with any thoughts or suggestions for future guests you’d like to hear!



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