Articles from April 2016

025 – Fourth Wall Demolition- Space Quest Historian Podcast – S3E2

Join the Historian on a tale of horror and monsters as he interviews Li Boar of Stuck In Attic Games, creators of the hand-animated horror/comedy game Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure … and also listens to more of Pete’s toe-cringing memoirs. But it’s not all ghouls and nightmares. There’s also music talk with three heavy-weights of the game music world: James Mulvale (IQ Adventures), Brandon Blume (Himalaya Studios), and Ken Allen (Sierra On-Line, and also more good tips on how to become a crowdfunding expert with Serena Nelson

024 – CyberShenanigans – Space Quest Historian Podcast – S3E1

The Space Quest Historian Podcast returns semi-triumphantly after a year of silence with a full third season of 12 episodes. In this first episode, the Historian tests his equipment to see what works (SteveBot and the Intergalactic HAM Radio), which leads to an unforeseen disastrous consequence. Also, Jess Morrissette and the Historian regales us with their favorite memories of the Space Quest fandom, Serena Nelson counts down her top 12 tips for crowdfunding an adventure game, Pete Toleman intrudes with cassette tapes of utter filth, and special guest interview victim James Dearden talks about his game Technobabylon and the evolution of the human race — you know, lighthearted stuff.