021 – Death In Space – Space Quest Historian Podcast

It’s that time of year again: the time for fastidious contemplation of our mortality and– nah, just kidding. It’s Halloween. So the topic for this podcast is DEATH. And who better to help us out than Liz “Jeysie” Calkins, proprietor of the Many Deaths Of Roger Wilco website!

Also on the program is an interview with James Broom (animator on Space Quest II VGA and writer for KickstartAdventure.com), a lengthy rant on previous topics by Alan Luckachina in his very own segment, a SpaceVenture update by the Space Pope himself, a trip into the bowels of ScumSoft with Mark Seibert and James Mulvale, and, of course, the latest chapter in Josh Henry’s ongoing fan fiction tale, The Quest For The Two Guys From Andromeda. Oh, and Pete Toleman’s gone off the deep end.

Check out Liz’s website The Many Deaths of Roger Wilco here: http://tmd.alienharmony.com/rw/

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