020 – Bea Vs. Stellar- Space Quest Historian Podcast

Step into your careful boots and take a trepidatious trip into one of the most controversial topics of Space Quest fandom: Beatrice vs. Stellar? Which of Roger’s love interests do you prefer? We get to hear the true origins of Stellar’s character from Space Quest 6 designer Josh Mandel, as well as listener emails and the Historian’s own opinions on the matter.

There’s also more from the dysfunctional family of Priapic Mountain Games and their ongoing quest to create a haunted house simulator that somehow won’t suck, despite ardent attempts by its co-owner Pete Toleman. And, speaking of quests, settle in for chapter 8 of Josh Henry’s ongoing fan fiction tale, The Quest For The Two Guys From Andromeda. And we round off our musical endeavors by listening to an original piece for Arnoid The Annihilator by James Mulvale, as well as the final part of Ken Allen’s interview with Frank Klepacki.

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