019 – Interfaces – Space Quest Historian Podcast

The Historian takes on that age-old controversy that has plagued adventure games since time immemorial (or, at least, back to the late 80’s and beyond): Which is better? Parser or point-and-click interfaces? Join us as we delve into the pros and cons of written input versus mouse-driven pointing-and-clicking on things with input from Jason Fyre and Frederik Olsen. We’ve also got chapter 7 of Josh Henry’s ongoing fan fiction tale “The Quest for the Two Guys From Andromeda” – and Pete Toleman and Serena Nelson continue their struggle to make their haunted house game a success, with Pete setting his sights on another scourge of the online community: Let’s Players of YouTube. It’s an exciting, fun-filled hour of complete nonsense that you probably won’t wish you hadn’t wasted your life on, because, hell, it’s something to do, isn’t it?

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