017 – The supporting cast – Space Quest Historian Podcast

We’ve talked a lot about Roger Wilco and his nefarious enemies, but what about the characters who aid him and stand by his side? That’s right, it’s time to talk about the supporting cast. You may think that’ll be a quick rundown, and perhaps you’re right. But we’ll also spend time catching up with Pete and Serena at Priapic Mountain, and the invasive return of intergalactic star reporter (in his own mind), Chuck Clusterbluck. Also, prepare to get your music nerd on as we listen to the World-o-Wonders theme from SQ3 with input from Mark Seibert, fan composer James Mulvale, and none other than original soundtrack composer himself, Bob Siebenberg. And there’s more nerd for you as our music pal, Ken Allen, talks us through sound design for the early adventure games. And, as always, we cap things off with Josh Henry’s epic fan fiction tale. Strap yourselves in for an epic one-and-a-half hours of space fun with your space friends!

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