016 – Roger As A Hero – Space Quest Historian Podcast

Join the Historian as he asks that fundamental question that has plagued all humankind since time began: What is a hero, and can Roger Wilco be considered one? What IS a hero? And will Ace Hardway, the protagonist of the Two Guys’ upcoming SpaceVenture, be considered one? To assist him in answering this question, the Historian enlists the help of fellow literary theory nerd, Daniel Stacey, who goes down the Space Quest series one by one to analyze Roger’s motivations.

Then we have a special treat, as we not only get to hear Mark Seibert and James Mulvale talk about the sound effects and music of the planet Phleebhut, but also some special trivia on composing music for early sound cards from Ken Allen.

Oh, and there’s more from Priapic Mountain as Serena thwarts Pete’s plans to mess up their haunted house simulator, only to find he’s planning on releasing the game tomorrow! Well, that makes it today, doesn’t it, seeing as this episode is one day late?

And, finally, we cap things off with chapter 4 of Josh Henry’s epic tale, read by the man himself, in which he, among other things, impersonates the Historian himself.

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