015 – Good vs. Evil – The Arch Nemesis – Space Quest Historian Podcast

The Historian dives into the topic of nefarious villains and automated floor scrubbers in this episode. But not before tackling some listener emails and comments about last episode’s topic on episodic gaming. There’s also news from Priapic Mountain as both Serena and Pete Toleman battle for control over their new “haunted house simulator” game idea. We continue our journey down the Space Quest III soundtrack with Mark Seibert and James Mulvale; this time with the jittery Lite Speed theme – along with some more nerdy, technical-sounding information about the sound card technology of yesteryear. And, finally, we unwind with the continuation of Josh Henry’s epic fan fiction tale of Sierra fans on a trek to rescue the Two Guys From Andromeda from forces unknown.

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