014 – Episodic vs Full-Length – Space Quest Historian Podcast

The Historian takes on the controversial issue of episodic vs. full-length games and discusses the merits and drawbacks of both approaches to releasing games. Also, we hear more from the saga of Priapic Mountain from both co-CEO Serena Nelson and bitter, original CEO (now co-CEO) Pete Toleman. We continue our journey down the Space Quest III soundtrack as reimagined by fan composer James Mulvale with ‘The Navigation Theme,’ along with a brief introduction by SQ3’s music editor Mark Seibert. And we’re also talking a bit about how the game sounded on various other systems back in the day. Finally — last but not least — there’s another scintillating update from the Andromedan bunker about how the SpaceVenture is coming along by our very own Space Pope.

Check out Infamous Quest’s new game Quest For Infamy over at http://infamous-quests.com — designed by our very own SteveBot and featuring music and narration by James Mulvale.

If you want to listen to or rip out SQ3’s digital sound effects, check out Andrew Branscom’s SCI Audio Utilities: http://sciwiki.sierrahelp.com/index.php?title=SCI_Audio_Utilities#SCI_Sound_Utilities

Or if you simply want to play the PC version of SQ3 with the digital sound effects on, download this nifty patch by (we believe) NewRisingSun: http://www.spacequest.net/archives/sq3/patches

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