011 – “Fan Fiction Theatre Pt. 2” – Space Quest Historian Podcast

Prepare your audio receptive organs for part two of the Fan Fiction Theatre! In this episode, pleasant vocal provider Joe Cassara once again regales us with Roger Wilco’s tales in long-form prose — this time we will hear excerpts from the unfinished SQ3 and SQ5 novels, written in another lifetime by the Historian himself, as well as the novel Lone Voyager, set in the SQ6 universe, by the Historian and Leonard Kramer. But it’s not all nostalgia: We also get the first of hopefully many chapters of Josh Henry’s original tale of Sierra fandom, read by the author himself, and including a special introduction by the man. Find a nice place to recline, pour yourself something liquid (or at least mildly viscous), close your eyes and dream yourself away to a distant galaxy. Or at least get a start in on that washing-up as you’re listening to this. Really, your kitchen is filthy

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