010 – “Fan Fiction Theatre Pt. I” – Space Quest Historian Podcast

“Settle in with a nice glass of whatever’s-your-poison and relax to the soothing voice of professional radio announcer Joe Cassara reading excerpts from the Space Quest fan fiction novels written around 1997-1998 by Daniel Stacey (Mage’s Initiation, King’s Quest II and III VGA) and the Historian himself … oh, and Pete Toleman gives it a go, too. Prepare for horror. There’s also news from the Andromedan Bunker, straight from the lips of that sexy beast, the Space Pope. And we conclude with our last and final and ultimate part of the fireside chat between the gentlemen of rock, Brandon Blume and Ken Allen. Stay tuned for Part II and check out www.spacequesthistorian.com for links to the PDF’s of the novels.”


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