Articles from December 2013

006 – “Below the Surface Pt II” – Space Quest Historian Podcast

“The Historian wishes you a merry whatever with this special holiday special of the podcast, featuring very special appearances from Vohaul Strikes Back team leader, Frederik Olsen; the proprietor and curator of, Rudy Marchant; and a special mention from everyone’s favorite corporate weasel, Peter Toleman! The topic is the many easter eggs that lurk within the Space Quest series, and, boy, you’ll never need to check a wiki again after listening to this thing. Also, we take a deep, hard and incredibly long-winded look (and listen) at the Format Countdown — the Historian’s favorite piece of music ever. Happy whatever, people!”


107 – Jeff Bennett and Eric Bauza (LIVE SHOW) on Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen – Weekly Voice Acting and Voice Over Tips

Join Emmy and Annie award winner Rob Paulsen as he talks about his experiences in voice acting! Visit for more information!

005 – “Below the Surface Pt I” – Space Quest Historian Podcast

“The Space Quest Historian dons his hard hat and delves beneath the surfaces of your favorite Space Quest games. Well, all six of them, in fact. Joined by famed resource spelunkers Akril, BlockMaster and Alan Luckachina, and aided by the invaluable help of Andrew ‘Collector’ Branscom, it’s time to blow the lid off the treasure trove that is the secrets of the Space Quest games.

Some links to help you experience all this clandestine mayhem for yourself, courtesy of Akril and Collector:

AGI Studio:
SCI Studio:
SCI Viewer:
Game Audio Player:
The Cutting Room Floor Wiki:
Akril’s Sierra Music Resource Files:
ATM’s House of LucasArts/Sierra Secrets:

Sierra’s Resource Files:

ATMachine’s House of LucasArts amd Sierra Oddities:

AGI Wiki of Secrets:

SCI Wiki of Secrets: