Joe J. Thomas interview with Chris Pope LIVE at 1pm PST / 4 PM EST

Surprise interview with Joe J. Thomas! Take a look below at this awesome body of work 🙂


Video Game VO
Dead or Alive: Dimensions Bass Armstrong Team Ninja
The Third Birthday Kunihiko Maeda Square Enix
Command & Conquer 4 GDI Hunter, NOD Centurion EA Games
Section 8 Sgt Hawthorne, + Timegate, South Peak
Tales of Vesperia Raven, Schwann Namco-Bandai
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Lex Luthor, Shazam, + Midway
Sim Animals Animals Electronic Arts
World of Warcraft: Lich King Krik’Thir, Loken, + Blizzard
Diablo III Roles TBA Blizzard, Activision
Tenchu 4 Gohda, Marksman Ubisoft, Acquire
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Namor Activision / Raven Software
Caesar IV Featured (British, multiple) Tilted Mill / Sierra Entertainment
ADR VO (Anime and Movie)
Yohan: The Child Wanderer Johannes, Yussuf Penelope Film, Bang Zoom!
Little Sister Eunuch, Village Elder Goalpost, Mirimax, Bang Zoom!
Durarara! Episodes Shuji Niekawa, Painter, + Aniplex, Bang Zoom!
Monster Episodes Henich, Serial Killer, + VIS, Sy-Fy Channel
Vipo the Flying Dog Anpu, Igor Globe International
Bleach Episodes Sawatari, Nieder Sword, + VIS, Cartoon Network
Iron and the Maiden Lester the Jester Jason Rubin
Surviving the 21st Century Leads Fangoosh! Films
ShowBiz Rabbi Featured Serota Productions
People Who Die Leads Fangoosh! Films
Commercial & Industrial VO
Carl’s Jr. (Radio) Turkey Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr.
Publix (Radio) Laughing Man Publix
CO Lotto (Radio) Lotto Guy CO Lottery
Domino’s Pizza (Radio) Guru Domino’s Pizza
Cheetah Coaster (Industrial) Narrator (British) Busch Gardens
Service Experts (Radio) Auctioneer Service Experts
MGM Grand at Foxwoods (TV+Radio) Announcer SKG / MGM Grand
Round Table Pizza (Radio) Fast Talking Car Sales Round Table Pizza
Little Caesar’s Pizza (TV) Announcer (British) Oz Advertising
Cheetos (Radio) Priest Frito-Lay
Microsoft (Industrials) Russian, S African Tri-Film Productions
Taos Ski Resort (Web Site) Announcer (Swiss) McKee, Wallwork, Cleveland
Friendly’s Ice Cream (Radio) Announcer Laughlin Constable
Johnny VeeZee (Industrial) Announcer Verizon Inc.
Awards Presentation (Industrial) Featured (as Raegan) Merril Publishing Company, Inc.
Other VO
Heaven’s Shadow (Audio Book) Reader Random House, Penguin
Gorillaz: The Fall (Music Album) Yodel Singer Gorillaz, McPhee, EMI Records
Dante’s Inferno (Audio Book) Dante, Narrator, + Fernleif Productions, Amazon
X-Men Stage Shows Professor Xavier, Beast Marvel, Ancol, Mirrage Ent.
Dead Like Me (DVD) ADR Voice Match Showtime, Inc.
Celebrity GPS Voice Sean Connery PigTones
Exxon / Mobile Training (Industrial) Announcer (British) Image Resources Group
Yodeling Lederhosen (Toy) Yodel Voice Archie McPhee Co.
Glass Books Promo (Radio) Announcer (British) IKA Collective/ Bantam Books
Theatre (*)
Chess Anatoly Knightsbridge Theatre
Oh! What A Lovely War Sir Douglas Haig Knightsbridge Theatre
Beau Jest Abe Quad-C Theatre
Shadowlands C. S. Lewis Irving Theatre
Jesus Christ Superstar Pilate Frisco Theatre
1776 John Adams Coppell Theatre
Hamlet Polonius Rosebriar Shakespeare Company
(*) Click here for Theatrical Resume PDF
Acting: Private Tutoring; Various Classes; Classes with Jacqueline Mayor
Improv: Classes with Nancy Fine (Second City Alumnus – Spolin); Troupes Across the Country
Voice: Trained at The Dallas School of Music; private tutor by Lorrie Granlund, Scott Blois
Voice-Over: Training with Blupka, private tutors, and at WOSU and WVFR in Ohio
British (multiple), Yiddish, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, USA (Southern, Valley, New York, Midwest), Cartoon Voices, etc.
Special Abilities
Singing (Lyric Baritone), Fencing, Stage Fighting, Whip-Wielding, Mime, Computer Proficiency, Scientific Knowledge, Telecom Experience

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