A True Super Hero

I would like to take a moment and just salute my beautiful and talented co-host and friend Amy Elk.

This photo was made way before the murder of Amy’s sister Nique, so no one can say that this was drawn in light of the horror that has recently happened. In reality, who REALLY COULD argue it! To go through the amount of pain that this woman has gone through, and to step up to the plate and meet with news crew after news crew, reporter after reporter, answer question after ever pain stricken question.. who could argue that this is someone that truly deserves the title of a super hero in her own right.

A super hero that bares the weight of her grief stricken family on her shoulders… but, truly a super hero! You can donate in honor of her sister Nique by going to the following link.

This picture was made by the very talented Len Peralta


Amy Elk on Twitter


Thank you so much everyone!

Chris Pope

Producer to The Tech Jives Network


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