Donations in memory of Amy Elk’s sister Nique Leili to the “National Coalition Against Domestic Violence”


Dear Tech Jives Listeners, Fans, and Friends of Amy Elk.

As many of you know by now, Amy’s sister Nique was murdered. Saturday July 16th, 2011 the body of Nique was found not too far from where she lived here in Georgia.

I originally put this together to order flowers for Nique’s funeral cermony. Amy and her family have asked me to make the donation to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  I think is a great idea and will be more than happy to honor it.

The donation will be made in Nique’s name and I’ll be putting together something to give to Amy and her family that will contain the names of the people who have donated as well as the comments you all have made.

If you would like to donate a little money via PayPal, we would greatly appreciate it. Please feel free to leave a comment for Amy and her family when submitting your donation.

If you prefer to send a check instead of PayPal, please send it to the following address.

P.O. Box 999

Powder Springs, Ga. 30127

Make the check out to Chris Pope and write the name “Nique” on the memo line. Also please email me to confirm you’ve sent it so I can document that it is on the way. Chris @ TechJives. Net

Thanks in advance!

Chris Pope

Producer of The Tech Jives Network


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