Some interviews with Chris Pope

Voice Acting Related Interviews:

Billy West –  The Ren & Stimpy Show, Doug, and Futurama. West also voiced Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Popeye during later renditions of the respective characters.
Rob Paulsen – Emmy and Annie award winner best known as Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Yakko from Animaniacs and more –
Bob Bergen – Porky Pig, amongst other voice –
Tara Strong – Best known as Timmy Turner from the hit cartoon “Fairly Odd Parents” –
Gary Owens – One of the original voice of “Space Ghost”. Host of the show “Laugh-in” –
Steve Downes – Voice of the Master Chief(Main Character) in the Halo game series. –
Dave Fennoy – Announcer on Hulu, Lee Everett from Walking Dead game series, Gabriel Tosh from StarCraft 2 –
Jen Taylor – Best known as Cortana from the Halo games and princess peach on the Mario series of games –
Robert Clotworthy – Voice/Film best known as Jim Raynor from StarCraft and Narrater for the History Channels Ancient Aliens –
Ellen McKlain – Best known as GLaDOS from Vailves Portal 1 and Portal 2 –
Athena Karkanis – Voice actress from Diablo 3, Star Wars The Old Republic, Rainbox Six: Vegas, and more. –
David Larence XVII – Best known as phone voice for AOL, amongst other things –
Neil Kaplan – Best known as one of the voices of Optimus Prime, DIGMON characters and Tychus Finley from Starcraft 2 –
John Patrick Lowrie – Known for voicing “Sniper” on Team Fortress 2 as well as the voice of Sherlock Holmes –
Michael Benyaer – Voice actor from Assassins Creed: Revelations, Reboot: The New Adventures of Johnny Quest, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown –
James Harper – Voice/Film Actor best known as Arcturus Mengsk in Starcraft –
Cas Anvar – Voice of Altair from Assassins Creed: Revelations, Lt. Dalton from Halo 4 –
Lynn Andrews III – Voice of Piston from Borderlands 2 –
Lisa Biggs – Best known for voicing childrens commercial and video games –
Kat Cressida – Best known as the female voice of ESPN and Dee Dee from Dexters Lab –
Brian Troxell – Character Voices/Comercial Voice –
Jeffrey Umberger – Voice Agent –
Lliam O’ Brien – Known for video game voices such as World of Warcraft – and commercial voice work.
Scott Fletcher – Known for radio and podcast voice work.
TJ Jones – Comercial Voice actor and host of the Rose Bowl –

On Screen Acting/Producing/Directing Interviews:
Athena Karkanis – SAW4 & 6, Survival of the Dead , Wild Kratts, and more. –
Cas Anvar – 24, Lost, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen –
Michael Benyaer – Transformers, MacGyver, 21 Jump Street and more! –
Finn Jones – Best known as “Lorus Tyrell knight of Flowers” from HBOs “Game of Thrones” –
Kristian Nairn – Best known as “Hodor” from HBOs “Game of Thrones” –
Sean Becker – Emmy Award winning director –
Jeff Lewis – Best known from Glee and as “Vork” on the #1 web series, “The Guild” –
Megan Lee Joy – Model and actress best known from Glee –
Vince Caso – Best known as “Bladezz” on the #1 web series, “The Guild” –
Kim Evey – Producer of the #1 web series, “the Guild” –
Robin Thorsen – Best known as “Clara” on the #1 web series, “The Guild” –
Amy Okuda – Best known as “Tink” on the #1 web series, “The Guild” –
Brett Sheridan – Best known as “My Wiggley” on the #1 web series, “The Guild” –
Teal Sherer – Known from the HBO movie “Warm Springs” and as “Venom” from “The Guild” –
J. Teddy Garces – Known the TV show iCarly and as “Bruiser” from “The Guild” –
Jessica Mills – Known from the web series “Awkward Embraces” –
Rob Paulsen – Spaceballs MacGyver –
Robert Clotworthy – Spaceballs, Green Lantern and more –

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