Brian Dunaway is guest appearing on LIVE Saturday!

Brian Dunaway is set to record LIVE with Chris and Mark on Saturday October 2nd

  • When? 10/2/10 at 8:30 PM EST / 5:30 PM PST
  • Where? On our LIVE stream
  • Contests? YES! We’ll be giving away at minimum a $25 Best Buy gift certificate courtesy of CED Solutions
  • Chat Room? YES! Come join in the LIVE Stream and chat with Chris, Mark and Brian during the recording!

Who is Brian Dunaway?

by: Chris Pope Well you can always go to his website at and click “About” which as you know on websites is normally where you can find loads of information about the person or entity that the website is about.. BUT NOT AT HIS WEBSITE!! You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about Brian so long as you only ever wanted to know the following.. “Yes, I’m that Brian Dunaway.” But thats what is so great about Brian Dunaway! In typing to people through Twitter, Facebook, Gaming, Email, Txting and even all the way back to my BBSing days(aged myself a bit there).. I’ve typed the overly used acronym “lol”, but few times do I actually “laugh out loud” in real life.. but I did when I saw the words “Yes, I’m that Brian Dunaway.” on his website the first time.

The life of Brian! well.. not exactly..

I learned about Brian probably over a year or so ago, and in that year(or so.. ago) I’ve had loads of  “lol” moments in reading his comics, his tweets on Twitter as well as listening to him on different podcasts. I was supposed to go to Dragoncon this year and meet up with Brian along with  Brian Ibbot, Veronica Belmont, Tom Merritt, Nicole Spag/Randysmolly(Kim)/Stephanie from Ladies of Leet and some others when I had gotten crazy sick and wasn’t able to make it. Our very own Amy Elk from Tech Jives was able to make it out and pretty much just reinforced my thoughts of Brian in person by saying he’s super friendly and hilarious.. oh and he’s scared of heights to, either that or revolving restaurants that just happen to be at the top of a massive building(gave my wife her engagement ring in that very restaurant, not sure why that’s relevant.. moving on!) Brian has a very warm and friendly not too thick(like myself on occasions) southern accent that in listening to it makes you feel comfortable with the sorta “omg what’s he gonna say next” kinda humor and twang. His jokes in both his comics and podcasts are the kind that make you think, but once you catch on, get ready for a good belly laugh! Just this very night I was looking at one of Brian’s “Guy in a bush” comics  while my wife was telling me a story and even though I was listening to her my eyes couldn’t help but scan the text on the comic and I couldn’t hold back laughter and of course, if  she’d had a fryin pan.. well.. anyway..

Michael who? we should wanna be like Brian!

I am by no means someone that gets all goo goo eyed at celebrities or looks at myself on a lower level than anyone else in this world as I view the world and the people in it as equals and think of it as we’re all in this together and we all leave the same way no matter who we are. I’ve been fortunate in life to have met and spoken to some pretty awesome celebrity/non-celebrity types simply by being myself, not losing my cool and having the guts to ask.. Don’t get me wrong I love talking with and communicating with interesting people that do and experience things that interest me. Brian is extraordinary in multiple ways in that instead of  sitting around and waiting on life to freely hand him things, he’s taken multiple initiatives to make things happen in his life. One by starting a web comic, two by being involved in multiple podcasts, three by involving himself in social media websites, and most importantly, four by putting his family first and doing the things that needs to be done in order to be a good father and husband to his family. In listening and reading stuff Brian is involved in, when he speaks about his family you’ll find that although often humorous and sometimes sarcastic, you can tell that it’s family first, everything else second with him. Those qualities are the things that I value in people more than celebrity status or political standing. A good example of what I’m talking about can be found on the 9/22/10 episode of the “20 Questions Podcast” by I really enjoy by the way 🙂 Brian talks about how you have to sometimes take on work you don’t want to do in order to take care of your family and move forward in hopes of doing things that you do want to do in life. Of course as I type all of that, I can’t do any of it justice as you really just gotta jump in and listen and view Brian Dunaway for who he is in order to realize what makes him such an awesome person in general.

A comic yes.. but a techie one!

Another interesting thing about Brian is his ability to throw together a blog/website/wordpress faster than you can say Nerdtacular 2011. Oh and not just throw it together.. it actually works! Brian has also recently unknowingly(at first) started a cult known as “nerdbus” people or persons or somethings… you can learn about this very good example of the things I’ve been saying about him HERE

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