#000 Sierra’s Legacy “Their Story” – 8/6/10 – SierrasLegacy.com – Featuring Chris Pope

8-6-10 Guest: Al Lowe creator of Leisure Suit Larry joins us for an absolute unforgetable show about all his games and the history of Sierra On-Line!” produced by TechJives.net and Sponsored by www.CEDSolutions.com

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  1. Marquillin says:

    I would certainly subscribe to a podcast honoring and interviewing the gods of software adventures. Doesn’t need to be that regular, but there’s room for all sorts of segments, even if you can’t land an interview; adventure game reviews (both new and old (and new with comparisons to old)), parodies, one could get really carried away and make radio plays based of these games. Maybe you could even host a reunion of sorts if you get on good relations with enough Coles, Lowes, Murphys, Williams, Seiberts, Marxs, Jensens, etc, etc, etc.

    This was really fun and informative to listen to.

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