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Wired How-To: Software Licensing Audit

The following steps describe how to:

1. Identify what software is installed on every node in your network;

2. Match all that software to licenses;

3. Get the audit reports.

  1. You need to download the trial version of Network Inventory Advisor: http://clearapps.com/download/network_inventory_advisor.exe (please copy-paste this link into your browser and start the download).  Trial version of NIA is available 15 days and allows to scan up to 25 nodes in your network. (You can use the coupon code to get a full version of NIA with 20% OFF, it is still valid: TWNBH-PIA9 🙂
  2. Install the latest build of Network Inventory Advisor and launch the application. Follow a Scanning Wizard and after several minutes you will discover all software installed in your network.
  3. To view network software licensing audit data go to “Network Summary” at the left tree menu. After, click “All software” tab and you will get clear report about installed software licenses on each PC in your network.

Now you can easily identify what is installed where, control software installations & lower the costs of licensing by finding gaps between software on your nodes and the licenses possessed; or re-using unused software licenses.

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