RIP Facebook Gifts

Facebook is winding down its “Gift Shop” feature, the company announced today. Facebook Gifts will stop operating on August 1, although gifts you’ve received previously will remain on your wall.

It’s a surprising move from FacebookFacebook, who stands to become a significant player in online transactions thanks to Facebook Credits. Given that gifting is a great advertisement for the benefit of making transactions on Facebook, we can only imagine that giving Gifts is wildly unpopular. Facebook Credits perhaps doesn’t need a helping hand, either: The rapid rise of Facebook gameshas assured the success of the Credits scheme.

If you’re into gifting on Facebook, you still have a few options: Birthday Cards and Pieces of Flair to name a couple.

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  1. gettafreebie says:

    I always found it incredible that people paid real money for virtual stuff. If any of my friends wish to buy me a drink please do so, but in person, in a pub 😀

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