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#005 Today In Technology History by: Amy Elk

07/31/10 “Lunar Rover, Organic Chemistry and more” by:Amy Elk

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Internet Explorer 9 beta to arrive in September

Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner revealed today at the company’s annual financial analyst meeting that the first beta of the Internet Explorer 9 Web browser is planned for release in September. This is a little later than expected; leaked documents that emerged last month pointed at an August release date for the beta.

Some apparently authentic screenshots of Internet Explorer 9 have leaked, though perhaps surprisingly, they show few changes from the current version. Microsoft has shipped three platform previews to show off the Internet Explorer 9 engine, but these previews used a simple, bare-bones interface; the company wanted to wait before revealing Internet Explorer 9’s look and feel. If the new browser really is just a minor evolution of the old browser’s interface, that decision seems a little peculiar.

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#004 Today In Technology History by: Amy Elk

07/30/10 “Henry Ford, Lunar Rover, and VW Beetles” by:Amy Elk

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#003 Today In Technology History by: Amy Elk

07/29/10 “NASA, Wil Wheaton, and the inventor of the blender, and more…” by:Amy Elk

#002 Today In Technology History by: Amy Elk

07/28/10 “B-17 Bomber, Earl Tupper, Francis Crick and more on this day in Technology History” by:Amy Elk

Street Slide by Microsoft takes online street view to a whole new level!

iPhone 4 taken photo of the Titanic Museum in Gatlinburg, TN 7/27/10(Un-Touched Up/No Flash)

Untouched up photo taken of the Titanic Museum in Gatlinburg, TN 7/27/10

by: Chris Pope

#001 Today In Technology History by: Amy Elk

07/27/10 “Initial flight of de Havilland Comet, NASA grounds the Space Shuttle, Gary Gygax and Hungarian Physicist Loránd Eötvös are born, and The Guild premieres” by:Amy Elk

#019–Learn to speak IT – 7/19/10 – By Chris Pope, See

7/19/10 – “Virtualization and me” Learn to speak IT is produced by the Tech Jives Network and hosted by Chris Pope 07-23-10 Windows Fast IT Tips with Chris Pope /

7-23-10 “VHD’s in Windows 7” This podcast is provided by
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