#009 Technology Tips by Mia 6/17/10 – CED Solutions – TechJives.net produced by Chris Pope

6/17/10 “Snipahoe! Your source for Zero Day Removals! ” Join Mia Holtzman, technology genius as she shares her knowledge and advice with the world for the first time! Check this out weekly on CertificationWeekly.com, by CED Solutions and produced by TechJives.net / Chris Pope

#013 Certification Weekly 6-17-10 by CED Solutions produced by Chris Pope from The Tech Jives Network

6/17/10 “DEATH AND DESTRUCTION FOR CERTAIN EXAMS!” Certification Weekly is a weekly podcast that includes valuable information about all of the latest and greatest Certifications that are available in the Technology field! By CED Solutions / TechJives.net

#022–Apptastic iGame Review – 6/16/10 www.ApptasticReviewers.com with TechJives.net, Produced by: Chris Pope

6/16/10 Reviews: FAT, DirecTV, Co-PilotHD(iPad), Gears