Shots Fired! Steve Jobs’ Not So-Sneaky Diss Moments

Steve Jobs may seem like a harmless guy, always smiling in his black mock turtleneck. But push him the wrong way and the hate in his blood can turn ether-eal. During last week’s 2010 Digital 8 Conference, Jobs fixed his aim at a number of rival companies, including China’s most-hated (but America’s favorite) search engine, Google. Only this time, he spoke about G’s latest foray into television. He was at his brazen best. Remember the Steve who used to save most of his vitriol for commercials and ads? Yeah, well that went the way of his pancreatic cancer. These days, Steve has no qualms shutting down anyone who even comes near his path to world domination. Just look at some of our favorite recent, not-so-sneaky disses thrown by Mr. iRunThisTechGame…

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