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6/11/10 – “Understanding the Basics of User Accounts, profiles, and how everything interacts on an operating system” Learn to speak IT is produced by the Tech Jives Network and hosted by Chris Pope L2SpeakIT.com

Sugar on a Stick hits 3.0, teaches us about a new kind of fruit

Strawberries go great with shortcake. Blueberries? They make one heck of a pie. But, when we learned about the latest release of the Sugar Learning Platform, we had to go look up just what a Mirabelle is. Turns out it’s a small, orange plum that really has nothing to do with Sugar’s Fedora underpinnings, but certainly sounds healthier than Google’s versioning schemes. Mirabelle has just been given the Sugar on a Stick treatment, and as with previous releases this one can be loaded to DVD or thumb drive and booted to give a taste of XO without requiring any repartitioning. Sugar on a Stick is now an official Fedora spin, distributed on the Fedora site in both 32- and 64-bit flavors at the other end of that source link below.

What exactly is Sugar on a Stick?

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Google Seeks Consolidation of Wi-Fi Snooping Cases

Peppered with lawsuits over its collection of Web traffic data from wireless networks, Google wants all the cases consolidated into one, and for that single case to be heard by a court near its Mountain View, California, headquarters.

Artwork: Chip Taylor

In a motion this week with the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, Google requests that the eight “Wi-Fi” lawsuits, as well as any future ones, be rolled into one at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Google argues that all complaints make similar allegations and that consolidating pretrial proceedings will be convenient for all parties involved, including the courts.

“All of the complaints in the Google Wi-Fi Cases assert claims under the federal Wiretap Act. Some cases involve other, similar claims, including state law claims subject to preemption arguments under federal law. All of the complaints make very similar factual allegations, and thus any necessary discovery will be of common facts,” the motion reads.

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016-WinFITTS.com 06-11-10 Windows Fast IT Tips with Chris Pope / TechJives.net

6-11-10 “Speed up Windows quickly and make admin life easier with Process Hacker!” Find it here: http://processhacker.sourceforge.net/ – See WinFITTS.com for tip details!

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