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Are We Too Complacent About Cloud Computing? [VIDEO]

Let’s have a little midweek reality check: Almost all of us have almost no control over our own computing.

And for most of us, that fact causes very little mental or emotional distress.

Sure, we might raise hell when a few blogs get contentious about Facebook privacy, and we might shake our heads whenGoogleGoogle gets caught collecting user data from its Street View vehicles. But even when it comes to our business practices, very few of us know or care about what it really means to have control over our online activities, identities and data.

And why should we care? Letting others control our computing is inexpensive, convenient and mostly safe… right? Have a look at what Richard Stallman has to say. He started the Free Software Foundation, and he knows a thing or two about what users should be able to do with their own apps and programs.

As a refresher in Free Software 101, Stallman believes the following four tenets hold true for all software you’d need to use to perform everyday work:

  1. Information, such as computer software, should be freely accessible.
  2. The information should be free to modify.
  3. The information should be free to share with others.
  4. The information should be free to change and redistribute copies of the changed software.

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