Apple’s WWDC kicks off today, and what should we expect?

Today the Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is set to kick off and Steve Jobs is swearing to deliver!
Could we be witnessing the birth of the new iPhone 4G? I’d say theres a pretty darn good chance of that.
What about the new iPhone 4.0 OS? This of course is another hope that Apple fan boys are waiting for and constantly meditating making silent prayers to their Apple gods for.
Whats that? AT&T is switching up it’s orginal data agreements and is moving towards a fee for a certain amount of data per month plan? or as I call it “You’ve drank the Apple cool aid mixed with some special AT&T sweetener, that bitter tingeling feeling means it’s working!”
No the cool aid has nothing to do with the suicides at Foxconn located over in China, but maybe we’ll hear if Steve Jobs plans to somehow make us all feel better about whats happening over there, or actually put something in place to help the situation as promised.
Only time will tell, Tech Jives will be on top of things and you can read some of whats happening by following me on Twitter as I’ll be posting away the annoucements as they come in!
By:  Chris Pope – Tech Jives Network

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