Microsoft To End Bing Cashback

The service only showed marginal growth in two yearsMicrosoft has announced that it will end its Bing Cashback program due to a lukewarm response.

The program, which was launched with Live Search back in May 2008, offered cash rebates to online shoppers who bought items by searching them on Bing. It initially attracted more than a 1000 sellers offering rebates.

The technology was originally developed by, which Microsoft acquired in 2007.

Microsoft also launched a strong marketing campaign to promote the feature and claimed that it was “showing traction with advertisers and consumers”, but the program kept facing financial issues.

In a blog post, Yusuf Mehdi, Senior Vice President, wrote , “When we originally began to offer the cashback feature, it was designed to help advertisers reach you with compelling offers, and to provide a new type of shopping experience that would change user behavior and attract a bunch of new users to Bing”.

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