TBD 007 Today’s IT Beat Down – Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Time Warner Cable Resists Mass BitTorrent Lawsuit

May 26, 1995: Gates, Microsoft Jump on ‘Internet Tidal Wave’

Editing Photos on the Linux System

Tips for working from home

Apple Facing Music Antitrust Inquiry

TiS 011 Today In Security Niko DePofi – Chris Pope

Irish file sharers set to receive first warning letters

Microsoft Researchers Propose Privacy Sensor ‘Widget’

The Deputy Prime Minister has said the government might not be able to prevent Gary McKinnon’s extradition to the US

Firms tackle virus-laden Web sites, ads

Product Watch: New Patents Help Upstart Make A Ruckus In Wireless Security Management

Google offers browser add-on for Analytics opt-out

Facebook reveals ‘simplified’ privacy changes

Final episode of ‘Lost’ used by hackers to spread the MySecurityEngine fake antivirus

#019-Tech Barbarians – 5/25/10 – TechBarbarians.com – TechJives.net – Chris Pope & Mark Eoff

5-25-10 “Internet Security and you!” Check out TechBarbarians.com for show notes! This episode is part of the TechJives.net network and is hosted by: Chris Pope and Mark Eoff