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This Day in Tech: Japanese Balloon Bombs, Central Desktop, Dissecting MS Office 2010, IE Explorer market share, MS Head of anti-piracy states that cloud computing may aid piracy, Cisco press release on cloud computing protection.

Central Desktop adds simultaneous edits for Office docs

By Juan Carlos Perez May 4, 2010 07:18 PM ET

IDG News Service – Central Desktop’s hosted collaboration suite will gain a new component next month designed to let multiple users simultaneously work on the same Microsoft Office documents.

Called Central Desktop for Office, the new tool will allow users to collaborate on Word, PowerPoint and Excel files while the Central Desktop platform keeps track of the changes and additions made by the different users.

This becomes possible because the files reside on a Central Desktop server and not on any particular user’s PC hard drive, said Central Desktop CEO and co-founder Isaac Garcia.

Central Desktop for Office places a new toolbar within the interface of the Office applications, so that end-users can create and call up documents without leaving the Microsoft suite.

Until now, Central Desktop, which bills its suite as a low-cost, hosted option to Microsoft’s SharePoint, has required that its users download Office documents from Central Desktop servers and work on their PCs.

For more on Central Desktop, read the full article at Computerworld.com

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